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SaaS security and ransomware protection for enterprise security

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All-in-one platform for Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Salesforce

Proactive SaaS Ransomware Monitoring and Fast Incident Response, SaaS Apps and Browser Extensions Risk Assessment, SaaS DLP, SaaS Backup & Recovery – All-in-One Enterprise security dashboard


Ransomware Protection

Reduce business downtime from 21 days to 2 hours and enterprise recovery costs by over 90%, saving millions of dollars per ransomware attack by adding proactive AI-driven ransomware monitoring and fast incident response for your mission-critical SaaS data.

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AppS Risk Assessment

Reduce SaaS security risks and save a tremendous amount of time, by identifying risky Apps or Browser Extensions with AI-based automated Risk Assessment.

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Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

Stay compliant and protect your business from data leaks with SpinOne’s automated SaaS DLP control features and instant security alerts.

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Backup & Recovery

Automated, compliant-friendly backup of your Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or Salesforce data on AWS, GCP, or Azure – All-in-One Platform. Restore any damaged assets in a matter of seconds.

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Apps Risk Assessment for SaaS Data

AI-driven automated Risk Assessment for SaaS Apps and Browser Extensions. Get access to over 200,000 apps and extensions discovered by our smart algorithms

Reduce security and compliance risks
Save a tremendous amount of time with Automated Risk Assessment

Check out how much time you spend performing Manual Risk Assessment vs Automated Risk Assessment

SaaS Ransomware Monitoring and Response

SpinOne eliminates costly downtime while reducing your SaaS security and compliance risk

Fast Incident Response against SaaS Ransomware

Organizations usually spend up to 21 days to recover damaged SaaS data vs 2 hours Spin’s Incident Response

6 PB

SaaS data processing daily


Objects protected


Customers Worldwide


Apps and Extensions discovered by our AI-algorithms

From SMBs to Fortune 1000s — SpinOne Is Number One!

Streamlined Enterprise Security for SaaS Data

SaaS data security is our top priority. We’ve introduced several processes and regulations to protect your enterprise SaaS data and enhance compliance

Company Achievements

We innovate to help businesses be prepared for the new wave of zero-day attacks. Here are our recent industry awards and recognitions

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