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Salesforce Data Protection by SpinOne

Businesses worldwide are increasingly investing in and using cloud solutions for business-critical applications. These past two years have required organizations […]

What is Cloud to Cloud Backup and How Is It Different?

You and your business are now using the powerful world of cloud storage and cloud applications. Naturally, you show interest […]

Google Workspace SaaS Backup Solutions Overview

Effective Software-as-a-Service backups are critical to protecting business-critical data migrated to cloud SaaS environments like Google Workspace Backup and Recovery […]

How to Find Your Storage Size in Google Workspace (G Suite)?

After migrating data to your Google Workspaces (formerly G Suite) environment, it is important to know how much data you […]

How long is your SaaS downtime? What is the cost of it?

What are the primary factors that can lead to SaaS downtime for your business? What can downtime cost your business? […]

Compliance Guide: SaaS Data Backup & Recovery

Outside of ransomware, there is another word that IT admins and business stakeholders never want to hear – data loss. […]

Why Native Microsoft Security Features Aren’t Enough

Many businesses using cloud office solutions by Microsoft trust in native Microsoft security features. By doing so they leave significant […]

Comparing G Suite vs Google Workspace

This article compares G Suite vs Google Workspace. Recently, Google announced the rebranding of G Suite to Google Workspace. Google’s rebranding […]