SaaS Applications Risk Assessment

Guide to Detect and Prevent Insider Threats in the cloud

In this guide to detect and prevent insider threats in the cloud, we will look at this type of cybersecurity threat and how organizations can successfully defend against this dangerous threat to their business-critical data.

SaaS Application Security: How to Protect Google Workspace & O...

In this guide, we discuss the essentials of SaaS application security. Learn about Google Apps Security & Office 365 Data […]

Zero-Day Attacks Mitigation: Guide for Enterprises

Zero-day attacks can disrupt your company’s operations and impact your business. Learn how to address this issue from our Zero-Day Attacks Mitigation Guide.

Building Application Security for Enterprises 2022

Arguably, it is the double-edged sword of cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environments – third-party apps. SaaS applications are the lifeblood of […]

New Office 365 Risk Assessment feature in SpinOne

Seemingly safe environment, Office 365 might bear hidden risks. One of the key sources is OAuth cloud applications. The current […]

Cyberthreats – What to expect in 2022

Businesses face a multitude of challenges, including those resulting from cybersecurity threats. Last year, 2021, proved to be a landmark […]

SecOps Management: Challenges and Best Practices 2022

Security Operations (SecOps) has become an absolutely critical role in most organizations as cybersecurity threats are some of the most […]

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