AI Powered Ransomware Protection and Backup Made Simple. What to learn more about Spin Technology? Contact us here.

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    Spin Technology is a cloud data protection company based in Palo Alto, California protecting enterprises against ransomware, human error and insider threats. Our solutions extend security for Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 environments and protect organizations against Data Leak & Data Loss in the cloud by monitoring, securing, and backing up sensitive SaaS data. Our Artificial Intelligence provides 24×7 monitoring and detection against harmful threats, identifies business risks, while our automated run books and deploys powerful countermeasures to ensure continuous operation, improve compliance, and reduce IT costs.

    Our platform “SpinOne” provides end-to-end fully automated protection against ransomware, insider threats and human error. It’s designed to provide an unique security expertise and help to save a tremendous amount of time for security teams and administrators.

    SpinOne helps organizations gain full visibility over data security by providing an extra protection layer of new generation AI-based security and backup beyond the capabilities of what a typical cloud service provider can offer.


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