Office 365: Manual Data Backup

Written By Darren Kimura (Liquid error: internal)

Updated at August 15th, 2020

Now that you have created your SpinOne account, it’s time to backup your data! Keep in mind that the first automated backup will occur right after you have created your account, and succeeding automated backups will occur every 24 hours after that.

If you would like to perform a manual backup, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to and tap “LOG IN” on the top right corner of your page.

2. Click on “Login” to “SpinOne for Office 365”, found in the middle of your screen.

3. Insert your email address and password, or simply “Sign in With Microsoft”!

4. Click on Users, found on the top left of your SpinOne dashboard.

5. You will now see a list of all your licensed and activated Users in SpinOne. Select the User whose data you would like to backup, by unfolding their data through clicking the upwards arrow button.

6. From here, you can perform a FULL backup of all services which are turned “On” for this User, by clicking on Start Backup.

Once you click on Start Backup, the backup tasks for the User will be queued, and each service will be backed up accordingly.

7. If you’d like to backup a specific service, such as Outlook, skip step number six and immediately select Outlook from the dropdown information of the User.

8. Once you click on Outlook, you should notice the option to Backup, found on the top center of your screen. Once you click on this, a manual backup of Outlook will be launched.

9. If you’d now like to backup OneDrive of this User, simply select OneDrive from the bottom left of your screen.

9. To perform a manual backup of OneDrive, follow the same steps provided in Step #8, by pressing Backup on the top center of your screen.

10. To switch to Calendars and/or Contacts, follow the instructions provided in Step #9 to head to your destination, and the instructions in Step #8 to perform a manual backup.

Now, your account is fully backed up! Automated backups are always there for you, however you also have the option to perform a manual backup anytime on demand.

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