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Written By Darren Kimura (Liquid error: internal)

Updated at August 15th, 2020

Sign up for a SpinOne Business Account to receive protection against Data Loss, and rest easy, having your data secure with SpinOne’s cloud-to-cloud backup features, all in one dashboard!

Creating an account takes only a matter of minutes, and having your data protected will save you hours of troubles.

1. Go to\

2. Press the “Free Trial” button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, as shown in the image below.

3. After clicking on “Free Trial” continue by choosing GET STARTED for Office 365, to launch your 15 Day Spin Free Trial!

4) Create an account by “Signing in With Microsoft.” This will automatically connect your Microsoft tenant with SpinOne!

5) Once you connect your Microsoft account with SpinOne, you will be asked to accept a set of permissions. Click “Accept” to continue with your registration.

6) Continue by accepting the rest of the permissions, which will allow SpinOne to complete its functions successfully!

7) Now, choose where you’d like to store your data. You have the choice between GCP, AWS and Azure, with multiple data center locations for each. The closer a data center is, the faster your backups will be! Click on “Get Started” to continue.

8) Create a SpinOne password, and fill out the Time Zone, Country and Phone details. Once done, press “Next” to start your SpinOne 15 day Free Trial!

Congratulations! You have now successfully created your SpinOne Free Trial!

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