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    Spin Technology Adds Dr. John Davidson as Advisor

    Spin Technology / Spin Technology Adds Dr. John Davidson as Advisor

    Spin Technology Adds Dr. John Davidson as Advisor

    Spin Technology, Inc., a leading provider of Ransomware protection solutions for Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 today announced that Dr. John Davidson has joined as advisor.

    January 29, 2020John Davidson, Ph.D. is a technologist, entrepreneur, author, investor and advisor to high-tech start-up companies. Previously, he was a general partner of Startup Capital Ventures. John has over 35 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur in the communications networking industry. Early in his career, John served as the University of Hawaii’s liaison to the Technical Working Group for the ARPANET program, out of which the Internet was born. His role in the ARPANET program included participating in the design and implementation of the TCP/IP protocols. John founded and led two successful communications networking companies. The first company was Ungermann-Bass, Inc., the networking industry’s first Local Area Networking company, which he co-founded in 1979. He served as the company’s Chief Technology Officer and helped grow the company to $400 million in revenues and 1,600 employees. John led the company’s development efforts through its IPO in 1983, and its $260 million sale to Tandem Computers in 1988. John left Ungermann-Bass (Tandem Computers) in 1993 to found his second company, Network Telesystems, Inc., a self-funded internet infrastructure software company, where he served as Chairman and CEO. The company supplied Internet Protocol software to ISPs, carriers and enterprise customers. NTS was acquired by Efficient Networks in 2000, which itself was acquired by Siemens in 2001. He received his BA from Middlebury College and his MS and PhD from the University of Hawaii. About Spin Technology Spin Technology is a cloud data protection company based in Palo Alto, California protecting enterprises against ransomware, human error and insider threats. Our solutions extend security for Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 environments and protect organizations against Data Leak & Data Loss in the cloud by monitoring, securing, and backing up sensitive SaaS data. Our Artificial Intelligence provides 24×7 monitoring and detection against harmful threats, identify business risks while our automated runbooks and deploy powerful countermeasures to ensure continuous operation, improve compliance, and reduce IT costs. For more information visit or
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