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    SpinAudit for Google Workspace

    Assess the business, security and compliance risks of third party SaaS applications

    Key Features:

      • The risk level of an application
      • Review user activities across your domain
      • Review how your data is being accessed and shared
      • Blacklist/Whitelist applications
      • Implement security policies
      • Identify connected devices

    Business risk, security risk, and compliance risk assessment must be a part of your cybersecurity strategy.

    SpinAudit provides automated evaluations of applications and user behaviors 

    24/7 Monitoring

    Security scoring for apps or extensions

    Every single app that has access to your sensitive data gets an AI-based security assessment.

    Blacklist apps or extensions

    You can revoke access to risky apps or extensions that are not allowed to use in your organization.

    Security policies

    SpinAudit automates up to 90% of your security processes providing flexibility and control over your data.

    Audit logs and activity history

    You can go back in time to investigate any suspicious activity from any fake app or extension.

    Security alerts via Slack

    Our system integrates with email, Slack, or your custom ticketing system to send you security alerts.

    SpinAudit helps keep your organization protected and compliant

    Spin Audit allows you to audit user activity, review application utilization and data access in real-time, and maintain records for compliance. In addition, create custom policies to automate the security processes for SaaS apps, data, and domain-related activities.

    Control risky apps

    Detect when new SaaS apps get installed or uninstalled. Automatically review the application and identify apps that are not allowed for use in your organization. Blacklist or Whitelist apps and extensions.  Once you added an app to the blacklist, SpinAudit will revoke access to this app every time an employee tries to install it again.

    Data breach report

    Review user behaviors across your domain

    Review when users are accessing their Google Workspace accounts, what applications they use most and when. See how they connect, from what IP address, country, or city. Be alerted when there are abnormal logins or brute force attacks against your organization. Understand what users are installing, removing, downloading or transferring, data sharing, and deleting. All with granular historical detail and exportable reports.

    Manage Shadow IT

    Understand how data is being shared

    See what files are being access and shared with whom, if shared externally or made available to the public. Capture events in historical dashboards and reports. Identify if credit card details are contained in cloud files and take full control by removing access if necessary.

    Data Sharing Rules

    Implement security policies

    SpinSecurity’s Security Policies allow for greater flexibility in customizing Google Workspace Apps Audit, Data Audit, and Domain Audit related policies. It includes additional settings, that enable Google Workspace administrators to customize the handling of various events along with the associated actions for those events. Custom Policies allow more granular control over Security Policies in the environment, allowing for specific rule scopes, exceptions, and notification settings on a per rule basis as well as prioritizing the processing order of the defined Custom Policy rules.

    Security Policies

    Real Reviews by Real Users

    Rating 4.9 out of 5

    We have accounts that are large in size and didn’t have any problems uploading. Everything from adding users to exporting backed up data is extremely easy and intuitive. Very happy with this product and would recommend to others. Support is excellent and quick to respond.

    After one year of use I can say with confidence: Works stable and without any problems all the time. Nice and simple dashboard and pretty email reports in chosen interval. The security package is worth it too.

    I found Spin after a 3rd party app had completely destroyed my Google calendar, and it took me a full work day just to figure out what had happened & try to piece me schedule back together. This is the only software on the market that has all the features I need for automated backups, version control, and full security for my data. 

    Certification and Compliance


    SOC 2

    Privacy Shield

    NIST 800-171

    HIPAA 164.308

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