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    SpinOne for Google Workspace

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    SpinOne for Google Workspace

    All-In-One, fully automated, AI powered Google Workspace ransomware protection, backup and compliance 

    Key Features:

      • Artificial Intelligence powered cloud ransomware detection
      • AI based ransomware recognition
      • Risky application scoring
      • Domain audit
      • Domain migration

    Protect from Ransomware

    SpinOne is the only product designed and built from the ground up to seamlessly integrate ransomware detection with domain monitoring, backup and restore.

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    Manage Your Applications

    Identify security risk, business risk, compliance risk. Blacklist risky apps and extensions connected to your mission-critical data to prevent a data breach in your organization.

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    Flawless Backup and Restore

    Back up Google Workspace data automatically on AWS, GCP, Azure and restore any file in a matter of seconds.

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    Stay Compliant

    Check on user behaviors including file sharing and use SpinOne’s features to help your business remain compliant.

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    Real Reviews by Real Users

    Rating 4.9 out of 5

    We have accounts that are large in size and didn’t have any problems uploading. Everything from adding users to exporting backed up data is extremely easy and intuitive. Very happy with this product and would recommend to others. Support is excellent and quick to respond.

    After one year of use I can say with confidence: Works stable and without any problems all the time. Nice and simple dashboard and pretty email reports in chosen interval. The security package is worth it too.

    I found Spin after a 3rd party app had completely destroyed my Google calendar, and it took me a full work day just to figure out what had happened & try to piece me schedule back together. This is the only software on the market that has all the features I need for automated backups, version control, and full security for my data. 

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