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As one of the largest public universities in the world, this institution provides service to over 150,000 students, faculty and alumni. With a broad range of master’s and bachelor’s degree programs, nearly 20% of the student body is made up of international students. The university has a strong reputation in business subjects, in particular Economics, for which it is regularly ranked amongst the top 50 institutions worldwide. It is known for its high academic demand to degree students.

“SpinOne provides us the tranquility we need to keep on working with Drive, so we are very satisfied” – Manager of Computing and Communications Service

The Challenge

This organization is one Google’s largest G Suite accounts by users deployed and as such has unique challenges. With over 150,000 users it must seemlesly manage synchronization of thousands of different user permissions, a wide exposure to data loss and data theft and as a public institution is a notable target for ransomware. The IT team required a simple to use product that could scale across the vast amount of user accounts, handle data loss protection in bulk and provide ransomware detection and restore of any stolen or encrypted data.

The SpinOne Solution

The IT team trialed numerous products. All other competitive solutions were unable to manage the sheer volume of data while others were unable to accurately sync permissions to users accounts. Only SpinOne was able to meet all the requirement of the University.

Key Features

  • Complete backup of user mailboxes G Suite
  • Simple to use UI
  • Data loss prevention
  • Ransomware detection
  • 24×7 Technical Support


The SpinOne solution helped this institution protect it’s SaaS operations with automated daily backup and data loss prevention of petabytes of data. Being one of Google’s largest G Suite customers, It was an all hands effort to initially win this account by the Spin Technology team. And, Spin has been able to keep this customer happy year after year with new features, extensive training and new A.I. based automation providing advanced monitoring and protection.

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