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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    I am looking for a solution archive former employees Gmail accounts. We want to delete their account in G Suite, but we need to retain their emails in Spin.

    Yes!  We call this our Former Employees license offering.  Please connect with one of our sales team members for pricing:

    Why should I backup my Google data?

    Google does not help you recover your personal data. See various Google product forum posts below.

    The above are just a few examples out of hundreds found on the Google Product forums from users who have lost their data and can neither retrieve them nor get help from Google. Although it’s too late for these users, it shouldn’t have to be for you.

    Is SpinOne safe?

    We are based in Palo Alto, CA and backed by top tier investors.  In addition: 

    • SpinOne has achieved SOC 2 Type II certification.
    • SpinOne never asks for your Google password. It communicates with your Google account via OAuth 2.0, Google’s latest and most secure API, developed by Google’s own developers.
    • SpinOne uses Amazon S3 to store users backed-up data. Amazon S3 guarantees 99.9% uptime in their Service Level Agreement (SLA). Even if Google is down you will have access to your Google data via your SpinOne account.
    • SpinOne provides a 256 bit SSL secure certificate to access your user account. All security concerned financial service institutions (banks, brokerage firms, etc) use the same type of certificate.
    • SpinOne does not share your user data or emails with any 3rd party. No other entity will even know that you have an account.

    What exactly can I backup with SpinOne cloud service?

    You can backup the following Google Workspace and Office 365

    • Mail messages (all labels )
    • Drive files (Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and other files)
    • Calendar
    • Contacts

    What cloud provider does it use?

    SpinOne utilizes AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.  Also, with enterprise accounts we offer the option of Customer Provided Storage.  For more information, contact our technical sales team at

    How often can I backup my data?

    There are 2 options:

    1. Depending on your license option 1x or 3x daily.
    2. Manually – per user request.

    What is the difference between SpinOne and other cloud backup services?

    Over our 1.2 million users there are thousands of reasons.  Check our Case Studies and Customer Testimonials for more information:

    • SpinOne uses the most updated APIs for integration to Google Workspace and Office 365 
    • Artificial Intelligence Built In.  AI helps provide consistent monitoring, ensuring your environment is safe
    • Automation to make your administrator’s job easier

    What is the value proposition of SpinOne?

    SpinOne brings over 100 features to help protect your Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 environments, but here are the big 3 reasons you should give it a try:

    1. AI/ML-based monitoring for Ransomware.  Our solution is constantly scanning, even when you aren’t working.  Using AI we watch for user and file patterns and behaviors and if we find ransomware, we identify the source, stop the attack, and restore all files.  All other vendors call Backup ransomware protection which is disingenuous.
    2. Because we stop the ransomware attack in progress, we usually catch it after only a few hundred files, unlike most attacks that encrypt millions or more of your files.  This means less data in the hands of a hacker, and much faster recovery processes, often times in less than 1 hour.
    3. Next-generation protection.  Spin’s solutions cover every aspect of Google Workspace and Office 365 from end to end.  This includes risk from 3rd party add-ons like Extensions and Applications.  No other product on the market combines all this power in one product.

    We’re happy to show you what we mean.  Schedule a demo with one of our sales engineers:

    What is the Privacy Shield Framework for Spin?

    This is the link:



    I need to get some data deleted from my SpinBackup account. How can I do this?

    Data deletion is not recommended or advised but we do understand things happen like setting up an incorrect backup account.  In most cases Spin can not delete your data, but in certain cases like creating an incorrect account, we may be able to help.  Contact us on chat and let’s discuss it.  If we can help, please be advised there will be a minimum service charge of $200 or more based on the magnitude of the work.  

    Do you have access to Government Contract Vehicles?

    Yes!  Please contact a Spin sales rep for more information.