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    Application Auditing for Google Workspace

    Apps Risk Assessment

    3rd party applications can be very useful.  But, in the wrong hands, these same applications can be extremely risky as many have permission to read, write and delete your sensitive data. Our engineers at Spin focus on understanding the risks and simplifying solutions so you have visibility in the cloud. We help you identify the security risk, business risk, and compliance risk of the SaaS apps and extensions connected to your mission-critical data to prevent a data breach in your organization.

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    SaaS Data Protection Guide

    Assess SaaS apps risk to prevent shadows

    The number of SaaS apps are growing extremely fast since companies move to the cloud. Now employees are able to install any SaaS app or a Chrome extension completely off the corporate radar. This “democratization of IT” has led to one of the biggest cybersecurity risks. Shadow IT refers to apps that individuals in an organization use every day without the knowledge of their IT department.

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    SpinAudit provides risk assessment for

    Google Workspace SaaS apps and Chrome extensions

    Business Risk


    With SpinAudit you get a database with 55,000+ SaaS apps and extensions that have already passed AI-based security scoring. We save admins a tremendous amount of time assessing the risks of software connected to Google Workspace.

    • The business risk level of a Google Workspace application or Chrome Extension 
    • The type and description of the Google Workspace app or Chrome Extension
    • List of permissions granted to the Google Workspace app or Chrome Extension
    • Employees with access
    • Type of connected devices
    • Blocklist and/or Allowlist apps
    • Custom security policies
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    Security Risk


    A typical SaaS environment is invisible to admins. And you cannot manage what you cannot observe. SpinAudit gives you full visibility over your data by monitoring employees who have access to Google Workspace and using machine learning algorithms to detect abnormal cloud user behavior.

    • Credit cards detection
    • Abnormal download
    • Abnormal migration
    • Brute-force attacks
    • Abnormal login
    • New apps install
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    Compliance Risk


    With SpinAudit you can find out if an app that has access to your mission-critical data is compliant with industry-specific and local regulations.

    • Compliance and audit reports (e.g. SOC 2, HITRUST, ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA)
    • EU Privacy Shield
    • Privacy policy
    • Terms of Service
    • Data storage location
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    Compliance Risk

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