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    SpinAudit: Auditing and Compliance

    SpinAudit includes scoring and evaluation of SaaS Applications and Extensions, User Domain Auditing, Data Audit.

    Assess the business, security, and compliance risks of the third-party SaaS apps and Chrome extensions connected to your business-critical data and have control over the data security in your organization. Give bad guys a ZERO chance to steal your sensitive data with Spin Technology!

    SpinAudit SaaS application automated risk assessment

    SpinAudit provides an automated way to assess third-party applications’ business, security, and compliance risks, and the following risk assessment automation:

    • Continuous risk level analysis of applications – SpinAudit detects when new apps are installed or uninstalled. It automatically reviews the application and identifies apps that have been blocked. Once SpinAudit has blocked an app, its access is revoked any time a user attempts to install it in the cloud SaaS environment.
    • User behavior analysis – Determine important cybersecurity information about user behavior, including when they are accessing, what applications they are using, which IP they are connecting from, and geolocation.
    • Understand how cloud data is accessed and shared – See which files are accessed and shared with whom. Easily see if the information is shared publicly. Capture events in historical dashboards. Identify sensitive information such as Credit Card Numbers (CCNs).
    • Implement security policies – Use granular policies in customizing apps and data audits, and domain audit-related policies. It allows for specific rule scopes, exceptions, and notification settings on a per-rule basis.
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