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    Backup and Restore of SaaS Data

    Сloud-to-cloud backup vs on-premises backup

    Over 50% of data loss issues are the result of end-user mistakes. Losing data is stressful and financially challenging. Another case is ransomware viruses that may infect your computer and cloud storage. If you’re ever faced with an accidental data deletion problem, you know there is no other solution to recover it than a separate backup. SpinOne eliminates this problem with automated backup and multi-cloud storage options.

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    3rd party backup and restore

    Spinbackup provides a powerful and feature-rich enterprise-grade data protection solution for Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, by offering automated daily backups, diversity in data storage locations, restore in time capability, migration, reports, easy to use admin panel, advanced search for backed up items, and top-level encryption. Spinbackup can serve as the cornerstone of any ultimate Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace backup solution.

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    Why SaaS data backup must be part of your disaster recovery strategy

    Automated daily backup

    We alleviate admins of a tedious duty of having to regularly back up data. With SpinBackup you will have the data across all your key apps backed up automatically three times a day without any manual intervention.

    • Employees deleting a key file accidentally or on purpose
    • Unexpected costs for IT, legal, penalties
    • A malicious app deleting sensitive data
    • Reputational risk
    • SaaS provider outages
    • Hacker attacks
    • Business interruption
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    G Suite Backup

    99.99% accurate recovery

    User error, ransomware attacks, malicious insiders – in case of a data breach, our SLA guarantees 99.9% accurate data recovery. Your data will get back exactly where it was before with the same folder hierarchy

    • No integration costs
    • No agents
    • Fast install
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    Multiple cloud storage locations

    Unique among our competitors, SpinBackup provides extremely flexible storage configuration options. You can choose between Google GCP storage, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS S3 or your custom storage.

    • Transfer data ownership with a click
    • Fast and easy search
    • Weekly reports
    • Monthly email reports
    • Employee offboarding
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