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    How to Find Your Storage Size in Google Workspace (G Suite)?

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    how to find your storage in Google Workspace

    How to Find Your Storage Size in Google Workspace (G Suite)?

    How to Find Your Storage Size in Google Workspace

    After migrating data to your Google Workspaces (formerly G Suite) environment, it is important to know how much data you are using in the cloud.  Is there an easy way to do this?  The Google Workspaces Admin Console readily provides all relevant information, including data used, about your Google Workspaces account. Let’s see how you can quickly determine the amount of data you are using across your Google Workspaces environment in a few simple steps.

    Login to your Google Workspaces Admin Console.

    Login to the Google Workspaces Admin Console

    Next, navigate to the Reports dashboard.  As noted, this allows you to monitor the usage across your organization.

    Choose the Reports dashboard in the Admin Console

    The Highlights dashboard provides an overview of the account.  Under the “What’s the storage being used?” section, you will see the storage amount used.  You can also click View Details to see a more detailed view of how storage is allocated in the account.

    Viewing storage used in the Google Workspace Admin Console

    The detailed view will take you to the Accounts menu, Storage used by apps.

    Viewing storage used by apps in Google Workspace Admin Reports Console

    (1) You can also select or unselect apps to focus on a particular Google Workspaces service. (2) You can download the storage detail, either in the form of a Google Sheets document or a CSV file.

    Selecting a single Google Workspaces service to note storage space used

    Choose to download the storage details via Google Sheets or CSV.

    Download the Google Workspaces storage detail information

    Below is an example of exporting the information to Google Sheets.

    Exporting Google Workspaces storage detail to Google Sheets

    Wrapping Up

    By following just a few simple steps in the Google Workspaces Admin Console, you can easily find storage details for space used in your Google Workspaces environment. The Reports dashboard helps you understand data usage across various Google services and how data changes over time.


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