Data protection

Microsoft Office 365 Ransomware Protection for Enterprises

Microsoft Office 365 environment is seemingly secure. However, your data is still vulnerable to certain cyber incidents, such as ransomware, […]

How to conduct SOC 2 Audit: Guide for Enterprises

It can strike fear into the hearts of business leaders and stakeholders alike – compliance audits. But, while they can […]

New Office 365 Risk Assessment feature in SpinOne

Seemingly safe environment, Office 365 might bear hidden risks. One of the key sources is OAuth cloud applications. The current […]

Salesforce Data Protection by SpinOne

Businesses worldwide are increasingly investing in and using cloud solutions for business-critical applications. These past two years have required organizations […]

What is Cloud to Cloud Backup and How Is It Different?

You and your business are now using the powerful world of cloud storage and cloud applications. Naturally, you show interest […]

SpinOne Domain Audit Capabilities

SpinOne gives you more visibility and control over everything concerning your G Suite data. With SpinOne’s G Suite Domain Audit functionality, you […]

How Can You Maximize SaaS Security Benefits?

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