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    IT Director Roles

    IT Director Roles and Responsibilities in 2021

    Each enterprise needs an executive to manage corporate computer systems and ensure their efficiency. This major task belongs to the IT director. This position is also referred to as Chief Digital Information Officer (CDIO) or Chief Information Officer (CIO). So let’s take a look at this position,...

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    Antivirus Protect Against Ransomware

    Does Antivirus Protect Against Ransomware?

    Installing antivirus software (or AV) is often considered an important ransomware protection measure. And it is. It’s better to buy a subscription to antivirus software than to pay, on average, $36,295 to hackers or face significant financial and reputational damages.But what is the catch? Antivirus users often experience...

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    Cloud Data Security Best Practices

    Cloud Data Security and Compliance Best Practices

    Securing today’s technology solutions is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges looming on the horizon for organizations looking to secure and protect business-critical and customer data.Additionally, compliance challenges are only going to grow more complex and difficult to satisfy. Businesses move from on-premises environments...

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    ransomware examples

    10 Ransomware Examples to Stay Away From

    10 Ransomware Examples to Stay Away From Although at the end of the 2018 ransomware seemed to be slowing its pace on the cyber threat arena, 2019 has shown that this slowdown wasn’t anything but “the calm before the storm”.Ransomware statistics for 2019 vividly illustrated the rapid growth of high-profile ransomware...

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