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    What is Cloud to Cloud Backup and How Is It Different?

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    What is Cloud to Cloud Backup and How Is It Different?

    You and your business are now using the powerful world of cloud storage and cloud applications. Naturally, you show interest in cloud-to-cloud back up and try to understand the pros and cons of this venture for your business.

    Here, you will find out the answers to many questions about cloud backup.  How cloud to cloud backup can save your business when using cloud environments? What is cloud-to-cloud backup?  What are its advantages, how does it compare to other backups, and what is the best solution against data loss?

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    What is Cloud to Cloud Backup?

    Due to risks to your business-critical data housed in cloud environments like Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Office 365, backups are essential.  Backups provide a protected copy of your data at a single point in time.  This allows business-critical data to be restored in the event of data loss as a result of your end-users or security threats.

    Cloud to cloud backup is a term used to refer to a cloud backup service that is housed in a cloud environment (Amazon AWS, Google GCP, Microsoft Azure, etc) that can take cloud-based backups of the data you have housed in the cloud.

    Using today’s nomenclature, a cloud storage backup service is essentially a Backup-as-a-Service offering by a cloud backup vendor that can effectively snapshot your data and store it safely in the cloud so it can be restored if needed.

    The proliferation of cloud backup technologies available today has resulted in the need to rethink your traditional backup strategies using only on-premises backup solutions.  With the explosion of data stored in the cloud, it makes more sense from an infrastructure and resources perspective to make use of backups that are also stored in the cloud as well.

    According to a recent study, Logic Monitor Public Cloud Survey of Industry Influencers, the trend toward the cloud is continuing into 2020.

    The trend is continuing to show tremendous adoption of cloud into 2020 (Image courtesy of LogicMonitor)

    What Are the Advantages of Cloud to Cloud Backups?

    You may wonder why you would want to make use of a cloud online backup service to protect business-critical data?  There are several advantages that these cloud data backup services offer over traditional backup solutions.  Many of the benefits of cloud backup services go back to the advantages of the cloud in general.

    Many of the same reasons that are encouraging businesses to migrate to cloud services like G Suite and Office 365 are driving the use of online cloud backup services that leverage cloud to cloud backup technology.

    Benefits of cloud to cloud backup include:

    • Eliminates the need for procuring, provisioning, and managing hardware
    • Allows access to your backups from anywhere and any device
    • Allows transitioning your backup expense from capital expenditures to operational expense
    • Allows easily scaling your backup needs up or down
    • Cloud resiliency

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    Eliminate Hardware with Cloud-Based Backup Services

    Utilizing a Backup-as-a-Service model for your cloud backups that are also stored in the cloud eliminates the need to procure, provision, and manage hardware and software to take care of the backup process.  This greatly simplifies the process of installing and configuring data protection for your cloud data.

    Investing in backup hardware and software can be a significant financial investment for your business. Purchasing a cloud to cloud backup services for small, medium, and large businesses is a simple operational expense that can be provisioned immediately.

    Access Cloud-Based Data Backup Services from Anywhere

    One of the major advantages that the cloud provides, in general, is access to your environments from anywhere and any device.  This means you don’t have to be located inside your corporate network or on your company workstation. You can access your environment from anywhere on a full-blown workstation or mobile device.

    Cloud-to-cloud backup solutions provide this same type of easy accessibility to your cloud backup environment. This allows you to have full access to restore your data from anywhere and at any time you need it. This type of flexibility allows you to align more closely with today’s business needs.

    Change to Operational Expense with Cloud Data Backup Services

    This has already been touched upon, however, there has been a shift for many businesses to prefer operation expenditures over large capital investments.  Cloud-to-cloud backup solutions allow this transition in the realm of your backup solution for cloud data.

    Scale Cloud Backup Services Up or Down

    With cloud backup services for business, you can take advantage of the cloud backend to these solutions which allow easily scaling both up and down. This is a feat that is extremely difficult to achieve with on-premises hardware solutions. It is extremely difficult to buy and sell, provision, and manage servers on-premises based on the actual daily usage and needs of your environment.

    In typical on-premises provisioning, it is standard to “overbuy” the hardware needed to allow for possible growth or need for additional resources.  This overbuying is inefficient and leads to a large amount of waste.  Again, utilizing the cloud to cloud backup allows you to use only what you need when you need it.

    Cloud to Cloud Backup Resiliency

    Cloud data loss does happen. Generally, it is not related to the cloud provider or the environment, but rather is due to end-user actions or security breaches caused by ransomware, and other types of cyberattacks.  Cloud providers provide a tremendous amount of resiliency to your data by using cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art data centers that you would be hard-pressed to reproduce on-premises.

    Having this same data center resiliency backing your cloud backup solution helps to build confidence in the security of the data backups of your business-critical cloud environments.  You want to choose a cloud-to-cloud backup solution that allows you to have choices of which cloud is backing your cloud backups so you can diversify where your backups are stored as opposed to your production cloud environment.

    Choosing a Cloud to Cloud Backup Solution

    Cloud to cloud backup that provides cloud data backup services certainly provides a tremendous amount of benefits for your business-critical data stored in the cloud.  It generally allows the flexibility, scalability, and cost that aligns with today’s actual business needs.  This is becoming more difficult to do with on-premises solutions.

    However, not all cloud-to-cloud backup solutions are created equal.  You want to look for the safest cloud backup service that can protect your environment with the features and functionality you need.

    As an example of one of the best cloud data backup services, Spinbackup is a cloud-to-cloud backup solution that has proven itself with standout features, unique abilities, and very reasonable pricing.

    Spinbackup provides one of the top cloud-to-cloud backup solutions

    One of the outstanding features that Spinbackup provides is the ability to choose where you store backups of your cloud environments, including Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365.  This is one of the unique features it provides when compared to other cloud-to-cloud backup solutions on the market.  Along with great flexibility in your cloud storage,

    Spin Backup Features

    • Automated, intelligent backups of public cloud environments
    • Customizable storage in Amazon AWS, Google GCP, and Microsoft Azure
    • Restore all files in your organization, or perform granular file restores
    • Restore deleted files
    • Download your data that has been backed up
    • Migrate your data between your cloud users
    • Keeps track of multiple file versions for restore
    • Easily search through your backups for a particular file to restore
    • Get automated reporting of your environment and the state of your backups

    Get a free 15-day trial for your business!

    Spinbackup executes the above features seamlessly with a very intuitive web interface that allows you to see your cloud to cloud backup environment with detail. Unlike other cloud-to-cloud backup solutions, Spinbackup provides cybersecurity features in addition to its backup functionality.

    Included cybersecurity features:

    • User Behavior Control
    • Security Policies
    • Built-in Ransomware protection
    • Third-party apps protection
    • Sensitive Data Control
    • Abnormal Data Download

    With the features and functionality that you won’t find in other cloud-to-cloud backup solutions, Spinbackup is certainly a great choice in the cloud-to-cloud backup market.  

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