Slack Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect your Slack data against ransomware,
data loss, human error and non-compliance

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The Most Secure Slack Backup Solution



Protect Google Workspace, M365, Salesforce, and Slack from one dashboard


Powerful Automation

3x a day automated
snapshot backup


Secure Storage

Backup your SaaS data on secure cloud storage at AWS, GCP, Azure, or BYOS



SOC2 TYPE II, GDPR, CCPA, Cloud Alliance


Compliance Friendly

Store data at 32 locations
around the world


Flexible Retention Policy

Configure data retention policy from 6 months to indefinitely for full control and visibility


Multiple Domains

Add all domains to one dashboard for full control and visibility


Fast Backup

Fastest speed of backup as per market best practices guaranteed

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SpinBackup Overview

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“SpinOne has been a game changer from day one.
We were drawn to SpinAI’s platform because it was so easy to set up and manage.
With SpinOne, we have full transparency into what’s happening in the environment
and can enforce policies that are stronger than ever before.”

Stephan Matter, Technical Operations Manager, Tyk Technologies