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About SpinOne

Automated monitoring and protection for next generation cloud based email, calendar and shared docs. Spin Technology addresses G Suite security threats and protects organizations of all sizes against data leak and data loss by identifying business risks and alerting G Suite administrators of any potential cloud data breach

We protect organizations of all size against


  • #1 cyber threat
  • Growing by 700% per year
  • Cost $11.5B in 2019

Human Threat

  • Lost files
  • Data breach
  • Intentional harm from insiders
  • Data theft

Lost Economics

  • Employee downtime
  • Business Interruption
  • Fines and penalties

by offering SpinOne SaaS application Monitoring and Protection Platform

Automated one-click recovery of any amount of SaaS data with 100% accuracy from any point in time in seconds and restore just the files impacted.
Automatic runbooks deploy countermeasures such as «access revoke» to immediately mitigate risks.
24/7, real-time monitoring of
every user and every file.
Changes in patterns or behaviors trigger alerts.

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