Google Workspace Ransomware Detection and Response

24/7 AI-driven Ransomware monitoring to protect your Gmail, Google Drive, and Shared Drives data

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Trusted by over 1,500 organizations across 100+ countries

Achieve Near-Zero Downtime


24/7 Ransomware Monitoring

Proactively detects ransomware patterns and stops an in-progress ransomware attack


AI-powered Detection

Crypto detection algorithms easily detect cloud ransomware attacks on your mission-critical SaaS data


Block Ransomware Attack Source

SpinOne prevents ransomware attacks by quickly revoking API access to your business SaaS data, halting the spread and minimizing the impact.


Damaged Assets Isolation

Upon detecting a ransomware attack, damaged files are isolated to prevent further encryption of your SaaS data


Storage Choice

Multiple locations to keep your data safe including AWS, GCP, or Azure


Fast Ransomware Recovery

SpinOne’s will recover your Google Workspace data from the last backup, even if you were hit by ransomware


Real-time Alerting

SpinOne enables security alerts that are sent to security administrators for fast response


Near-Zero Downtime

SpinOne provides a fast incident response time for ransomware and other attacks, reducing downtime from a painful 21 day to 2 hours

The Ransomware Prevention Guide

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