Reduce Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 Storage Costs with SpinOne

Limited Time Offer: Special Discounts for Educational Institutions Only

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 will no longer provide educational institutions with unlimited storage in 2024. So how do you retain this valuable data and reduce storage costs? 

SpinOne for educational institutions helps you archive user data with no limits. With SpinOne Archive as your optimization solution, you’ll get immediate cost savings, while ensuring that your valuable data is secure and available.

Why SpinOne Archive for Education?

  • Google recommends SpinOne for data protection
  • SpinOne is fast and can archive many users at once, instead of one by one
  • SpinOne has a 99.9% SLA to ensure your data is always accessible

Request pricing, and we’ll help you through the transition.

Why Educational Institutions Choose SpinOne

Frequently Asked Questions

What changes did Google make?

Google announced that it no longer offers unlimited storage for Google Workspace for Education, which causes huge additional costs.

What changes did Microsoft make?

Microsoft announced that it no longer offers unlimited storage for Microsoft 365 for Education, which causes huge additional costs.

How can you reduce the impact on your budget?

Simple solution: Archive the data of inactive users to the SpinOne platform to free up Google Workspace and MS365 storage.

How much would it cost?

SpinOne provides a cost-effective solution with significant discounts for Educational organizations. This limited-time offer is only valid for educational institutions using Google Workspace and MS365 for Education and only for SpinOne Archive licenses. To redeem this offer, please contact sales or request a demo. The offer is not valid on conversions of a SpinOne license to an Archive-only license. This offer expires on December 31, 2024.

What is the difference between storage and archive?

With storage, the original data remains in place and is backed up. With an archive, the data is migrated from primary storage to secondary storage for long-term retention.

How quickly can you archive my users’ data?

This depends on the number of users. SpinOne is one of the fastest backup and archive providers on the market that can archive many users in parallel at once, instead of archiving one by one.

Do you offer storage?

Yes, storage is included as part of our other offerings, such as the purchase of SpinOne, SpinBackup, SpinRDR, and SpinDLP. Request pricing for more information on these solutions.