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Saving time and cost with SpinOne


Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts is a California based private college offering quality allied-health and nursing programs that integrate professional skills, career-focused education and hands-on practice, empowering students to develop and achieve their personal and career potentials.


  • Proactive Ransomware detection
  • Disaster recovery capability to protect against data loss
  • Auditing capability to monitor against compliance breaches


Ransomware protection

In higher education, instructors can spend 16-24 hours to design a new lecture. This cost translates to around $800-$1,200 per lecture. During the school year, an average instructor prepares about 30 lectures, which accounts for anywhere between $30,000 to a million dollars. The protection of these prepared materials and tasks for dozens of lectures is a top priority and a huge challenge for educational organizations.

Public and Private educational organizations are also experiencing Ransomware attacks at an accelerated pace. Many of these organizations use G Suite and store files in Google Drive. With Google Drive sync running, files on local computers and in the cloud could be exposed.

Case studies

“Many forms of ransomware are Trojans, not viruses, which is why conventional antivirus tools are unable to detect the ransomware attack. At Gurnick, we are committed to taking proactive measures that ensures all our students and staff are fully protected. This is why selected Spin Technology as the solution for our organization.”

Key features

  • Fully automated daily backup solution
  • 24/7 ransomware monitoring
  • Cloud to cloud backup
  • Advanced cybersecurity capabilities to monitor and manage third-party applications


Thanks to proprietary algorithms in SpinOne, Gurnick’s administrators have the confidence that their sensitive files are protected. Should an exposure occur, they will be immediately notified and the countermeasures in SpinOne will provide the first line of defence to stop the attack and eliminate any spread. SpinOne is also full automated with 3x Incremental Snapshot Daily Backups to secure cloud storage on AWS which saves time and costs allowing the organization to invest in quality education for its students and growth.

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