Q3 2022 Recap

Written By Davit Asatryan (Administrator)

Updated at November 1st, 2022

Here is a quick summary of the major updates released in Q3 of 2022!


Security Enhancements

SpinMonitor Extension for Edge Browsers

Push SpinOne's extension, SpinMonitor, to your users' Chrome and now Edge Browsers in order to detect, assess and manage 3rd party Extensions. SpinMonitor will detect both Edge and non-Edge extensions that don't necessarily have OAuth access to a user's corporate account, but have the ability to manage the contents on the browser. Unlock SpinOne's thorough Risk Assessment to help mitigate Business, Security or Compliance risks from extensions!



Ransomware Attack Insights

Besides automatically detecting and stopping an in progress ransomware attack, SpinOne will now also present the Type of attack that was detected on your SaaS services, along with which application was detected as the source of the spread.

SecOps teams can utilize this information in their forensics analysis to gain an understanding of the threat vector and take necessary mitigating actions for the future.


Stop Sharing by Domain

Quickly filter to all files within your organizations' Drives shared to specific domains, and create Security Policies to automatically Revoke sharing and Alert as needed!

If your company continuously shares data with vendors for certain periods of time, you can now utilize security policies to terminate all file sharing to specific domains.


Automate SpinOne Onboarding, Offboarding and Add-Ons Management

With new employees being hired and new Shared Folders being created everyday, it is imperative for organizations to ensure that their mission critical data is being protected. Create SpinOne policies that can be applied to OUs/Security Groups synced directly from your SaaS app configurations.


New and Improved Integrations

Enforce SSO with Okta

Spin Technology's integration with Okta will allow SpinOne customers to set up Okta SSO as the only sign on method to the SpinOne application. Onboarding/Offboarding access to the SpinOne platform can now be streamlied through Okta.


Email/Slack Integration Improvements

The Integrations section now also includes configurations for Email and Slack alerts. Head to the Integrations section of your console to configure recipients and channels for different alerts.


Extending Your Data Protection

Microsoft 365 Groups and Teams Channels

Team Sites protection for Microsoft 365 has now extended to include Teams Channels and Groups Conversations protection! Login to the SpinOne platform to add the necessary permissions to protect the entirety of your Team Sites.


365 Snapshots Per Service

Customers of the SpinOne subscription will now have access to 365 versions per service for their data backups. No action is required to configure this change If you have automated 1x a day backups, you will now have the ability to go back a year's worth of versions!

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