Set Up Public API in SpinOne

Learn how to set up public API in SpinOne for Google Workspace to gain better control over our data protection platform and make sure your data is secure.

Written By Davit Asatryan (Administrator)

Updated at February 26th, 2024

By introducing our Public API, we are providing organizations with the ability to make API calls to SpinOne through external systems, gaining visibility on which entities are protected, and having the ability to change their status.

Swagger links:

  • AWS Customers:

  • GCP Customers:

  • Azure Customers:


The integration is only available on the SpinOne subscription.

The following calls will be able to me made:

  • Get - get a list of all entities
    • /api/v1/integration/backup/entities/all

  • Filter - filters the list of all entities detected
    • /api/v1/integration/backup/entities/filter

  • Update - changes the status of selected entities
    • Statuses available: ACTIVE, ARCHIVED, DISABLED
    • /api/v1/integration/backup/entity/status

The following scopes are able to be selected for the integration:

  • Entity.Read.All
    • Ability to read all entities on the SpinOne account
  • Entity.ReadWrite.All
    • Ability to read and update status of all entities on the SpinOne account

To make the connection, the following is required:

  • API Key
  • Client ID

The authorization format is the following:

  • SPIN_API X-APP-ID={appIdValue},X-API-KEY={apiKeyValue}
  • Note: remove brackets after entering values


Head to the Integrations center from the left panel of your SpinOne console.

Click View connections on the API widget.

Click Add connection from the top right.

  1. Enter a Title for the Integration Name

  2. Select necessary Scopes for the integration

  3. Click Generate credentials

  4. Record the API URLAPI key and the Client ID

  5. Create the integration

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