How to Add More Licenses

Written By Darren Kimura (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 15th, 2020

You are always able to upgrade your account and add more licenses.

Go to and follow the following steps.

Click on “Login” to “SpinOne for Office 365”, found in the middle of your screen.

Insert your email address and password, or simply “Sign in With Microsoft”!

Once you are at your SpinOne dashboard, tap your profile on the upper right corner, and press Upgrade.

In a new window, you can view your subscription details: subscription plan, number of existing licenses, discounts, currency and price. To upgrade to more licenses, simply press Add more licenses.

Select the number of additional licenses you would like to add. In the upper right hand corner, you can notice the updated total amount for payment. Press Continue to proceed.

Select the card that you have paid with or create a new payment method. If you create a new payment method, insert your card details, and press Upgrade. The system will notify you about your successful upgrade.

Spinbackup payment successful

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