Storage Selection by OU

Written By Davit Asatryan (Administrator)

Updated at June 24th, 2022

Large organizations typically have offices around the globe, and per GDPR, data that originates in certain regions must stay within those regions.

To assist these organizations in meeting their compliance requirements and regulations, Spin Technology introduces Storage Selection by OU for Google Workspace.

SpinOne automatically imports the Organizational Units created in Google Workspace. Based on these OUs, administrators can easily dictate where their data is stored right from the UI.

To begin setting up storage selection by OU, login to your SpinOne portal and head to the Users section from the left panel. Click on OU Storage Location under Settings.

You will now see a list of your OUs imported from Google Workspace, and their corresponding storage locations. If needed, change the storage location for any OU from this screen. The choices provided are:

  • United States (N. Virginia)
  • Europe (Ireland)
  • Asia Pacific (Seoul)
  • Australia (Sydney)

Once you have confirmed your choices, click Update on the top.

Note: Only available on a SpinOne annual subscription or higher plan.

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