Understanding Backup Settings

Written By Davit Asatryan (Administrator)

Updated at March 25th, 2021

In this article, we will aim to describe the configurable settings available for Backups. To follow along in the UI, please login to your Spin account.

You can do so by heading to www.spin.ai and choosing the "Workspace Login" button at the top! 

From the dashboard, locate the Account Settings section from the top right of your screen.

Now that you've reached the Settings menu for Backups, let's discuss what you can configure!


Within this section, you can enable automation on the licensing of your Users! The following options are provided:

- Auto-assign licenses to new users - Once SpinBackup is able to detect a new User in your Google Workspace organization, it will automatically activate it within the platform if there are available licenses.

- Auto-purchase licenses for new users - In case there are no available licenses for the solution to automatically activate new Users, you can enable the option to allow SpinBackup to purchase licenses for you.

- Auto-disable users - When SpinBackup detects that a User is suspended or deleted in Google Workspace, it will automatically stop all backups of these Users, in order to preserve the 100 latest versions for their backups.

- Apply for specific OUs only - You can configure this automation to only work for the selected OUs

We strive to provide you automation in these processes, to save you a tremendous amount of time and resources in ensuring that all your Users are protected.

Automated Backup Frequency

Please note, that this option is only available on the full SpinOne platform. Here, you can alter the automated backup frequency for your organization by choosing between 1x or 3x a day backups of all Users & Shared Drives.

Retention Policy

In this section, you can configure how long inactive data is backed up within SpinBackup's cloud, allowing you to recover or download.

The minimum available timeframe is 12 months, but it can be extended to meet the needs of your organization. Choose the option "Indefinitely" to have any data that's ever been backed up be recoverable or downloadable any time!


There are three types of reports you can enable for Backups:

- General Reports - Receive Weekly or Monthly reports summarizing all services performed on your account

- Restore Reports - Receive alerts when restores have started and completed

- Download Reports - Receive alerts when downloads have been launched, are in progress and have been completed

Congratulations! Now you have configured all your Backup settings.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@spin.ai.

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