Q2 2021 Recap

Written By Davit Asatryan (Administrator)

Updated at June 24th, 2022

Here is a quick summary of the major updates released in the second quarter of 2021!

Introducing SpinOne for Microsoft 365!

SpinOne for Microsoft 365 introduces a new and enterprise level UI with added security in order to easily manage and stay up to data on your mission critical SaaS data.

Let's take a look at some of the added security functionality:

  • Cloud Monitor- a log record of all activity monitored for by SpinOne. Can be easily filtered and exported to quickly locate the critical information needed. It is broken down into two sections:
    • Activity log - a collection of all activity
    • Incidents - activity that has breached Security Policies

Data audit will provide visibility on confidential information that has been shared outside of your organization. Data audit can be broken down to:

  • Shared data - overview of OneDrive sharing by your Users. Quickly locate shared files and revoke sharing permissions as needed. You can also create Security Policies to automatically detect and take action.

  • PII data - if emails are sent or received containing CCNs, SpinOne will present the information in the PII data section, with the confidential information redacted.

Through Security Policies, you can create automation for your security processes for such as:

  • Ransomware Protection
  • OneDrive Sharing Visibility and Control
  • Sensitive Data Detection
  • Restore Filtration

Head to the Security Policies section from the left panel and begin creating your policies!

We hope you enjoy the new UI for Microsoft 365. If you have any feedback, simply click the Feedback button at the top and share your experience with us.

Introducing Add-Ons!

Add-ons can significantly improve your SpinOne experience by allowing your organization to make use of the following for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365:

  • Archive licenses- cost effective licenses to retain terminated employee data
    • One Automated Backup
    • Unlimited Manual Backups
    • Unlimited Download
    • Unlimited Restore
    • Unlimited Storage
    • Access to latest Snapshot
  • Storage - increase your overall account storage capacity. Upgrade to more storage any time during your subscription to avoid exceeding your cap.

Simply head to the Billing section of your SpinOne platform and select Add-ons from the left panel to access and purchase add-ons. Add-ons are available for both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365!

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