Q3 2023 Recap

Q3 was full of exciting updates for the SpinOne platform, learn more on the changes that occurred.

Written By Davit Asatryan (Administrator)

Updated at October 9th, 2023

Q3 was full of exciting updates for the SpinOne platform, so we wanted to share some key changes on:

  • SpinSPM (SaaS Security Posture Management)
  • SpinDLP (SaaS Data Leak Protection)


SpinSPM (SaaS Security Posture Management)

To help you stay ahead of the latest security threats, we have added new features to our SSPM solution that will help you identify and mitigate security risks in your SaaS environment.

Slack 3rd Party Apps Assessment

Risk Assessment for Slack will allow administrators to get an understanding of all 3rd party applications connected to their Slack workspaces.

Learn more about Slack Risk Assessment here.


Risk Assessment Overview Heatmap

Our new Apps Risk Heatmap is a powerful tool that helps you understand and manage risk from 3rd party applications and browser extensions. This heatmap is highly customizable, allowing you to specify risk and exposure factors to identify and prioritize high-risk applications.


Combined with other overviews available on the Risk Assessment section of the SpinOne platform, you can now use these insights to drive Blocklisting/Allowlisting decisions. You can find out more information about the Overviews & Heatmap here.




Misconfiguration Management

Proactively identify and remediate security misconfigurations by creating  policies and receiving real-time alerts. Learn more about our Posture Policies here


SpinDLP (Data Leak Protection)

The Data Audit Overview allows you to get an understanding of ALL data stored on your SaaS application, and their exposure and sensitivity, giving them insights on what to take action on.

Learn more on how you can use this information to identify and take action towards sensitive & exposed data here



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