SpinOne All-in-One MSP Automation Platform

Automated SaaS data monitoring and protection in Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, and Salesforce for Managed Service Providers.

Challenges of Modern Managed Service Providers


Advanced persistent threats

MSPs increasingly become the targets of state-sponsored advanced persistent threats. Criminals use the vulnerabilities of managed service providers to target their clients.


Remaining cost-efficient

New technologies and new threats require more resources for MSPs to invest in each client. As a result, many managed service providers struggle to stay cost-efficient.


Extensive cloud adoption

Businesses rapidly shift to the cloud to leverage the booming app market. For MSPs, it created an additional virtual environment to monitor and control.

Cybersecurity advisory to protect Managed Service Providers and their customers

In May 2022, CISA, NSA, FBI, and international cyber authorities issued an advisory to help MSPs reduce the cyber risks and protect the sensitive data of their clients. The advisory included the following recommendations:


Prevent initial compromise

Implement multiple layers of security in order to mitigate risks related to initial compromise.



Enable reporting and logging, saving the most important logs for at least six months.


Incident response

Create an incident response and disaster recovery plan with assigned roles.



Apply cloud and endpoint detection and monitoring for full visibility.


Apps security

Manage allow-listing and block-listing for applications to mitigate unauthorized access.


Access control

Strengthen access to networks and systems by multiple forms of verification.

To face the modern cybersecurity challenges Managed Service Providers need powerful automation tools. These tools will enable them to enhance cybersecurity, reduce manual tasks, focus on the larger picture, and save resources.

SpinOne – Best automation platform for MSPs

We created SpinOne with modern cybersecurity threats and business risks in mind. This is a powerful tool for MSPs who want to follow CISA recommendations, provide up-to-date services to their clients and remain cost-efficient.

MSP Automation Platform - Access control & Api logging

Access control & API logging

Full control of abnormal login and unauthorized sharing inside and outside the company. Logging and reporting of all activity in your Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365.

AI-based ransomware protection

cloud ransomware protection

Fully automated ransomware detection in Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365, attack termination, and recovery of encrypted files with no agent required.

MSP Automation Platform - AI-based ransomware protection
MSP Automation Platform - OAuth Apps Risk Assessment

OAuth Apps Risk Assessment

Streamlined detection and risk assessment of all applications and browser extensions with OAuth access to your Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365. More than 20 categories assessed per application.

Advanced DLP policies

Enhanced automated control over data leak prevention policies in Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 to manage data sharing, PII detection, and more.

MSP Automation Platform - Advaned DLP policies
MSP Automation Platform - Backup & recovery

Backup & Recovery

Automated daily 1x/3x a day backups of your business-critical services with the ability to restore or download on-demand.

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