SpinOne All-in-One Multi-Tenant Platform for MSPs

Get automated SaaS data monitoring and protection for Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Teams, Salesforce, and Slack designed for Managed Service Providers

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Program Benefits


All-in-one Multi-Tenant Platform

Easily deploy, manage, and monitor SaaS security solutions for your customers to ensure rapid time-to-value, low cost to implement and maintain, and the fastest SLA on the market.


Rapid Time-to-Value

Accelerate time-to-value with our intuitive, user-friendly platform: takes minutes to deploy, and automate, and is easy to use.


Strong Margins & Deal Registration

Quickly enter untapped markets and create incremental revenue streams.


Professional Services Opportunities

Design and deliver professional services and managed services offerings that meet client needs and create new opportunities.

Why Partner

  • Add stickiness on every Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace seat sold 
  • Increase ARPU by breaking into untapped markets
  • Generate monthly recurring revenue
  • Single pane of glass control panel
  • Aggressive margins, easy subscription-based pricing 
  • Industry-leading 98% customer retention rate 
  • Solutions extensibility with flexible API support for integration and automation
  • Zero infrastructure to maintain
  • Attach risk and compliance professional services to your offering

Flexible Pricing Model Built for MSPs

  • Cloud storage on Azure, AWS, GCP – or bring your own Cloud
  • Simple price per user, per month
  • Low cost to implement, low cost to maintain
  • No minimum purchases
  • No setup fees
  • Agentless download
  • Increased professional and managed service revenue

Easy-to-use, All-in-one Platform

Agentless, API-based, and cloud-to-cloud, SpinOne proactively protects SaaS data across mission-critical apps.

SpinOne lets you easily deploy, manage, and monitor SaaS security solutions for your customers – ensuring speed-to-value, low cost to implement and maintain, and the fastest SLA on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Managed Service Provider? (MSP)

In terms of cybersecurity solutions, an MSP, or Managed Service Provider, offers outsourced cybersecurity services to businesses. These services typically include monitoring, managing, and enhancing the security of IT systems and networks.

Why would a business need to use an MSP for cybersecurity?

Businesses often don’t have the in-house expertise, resources, and time to manage their cybersecurity strategy effectively. MSPs provide specialized knowledge, advanced tools, and 24/7 monitoring to protect against potential threats.

How do MSPs help businesses improve their cybersecurity posture?

MSPs help businesses by implementing security measures, proactively monitoring for threats, responding swiftly to incidents, and providing ongoing support and guidance.

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