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SaaS Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect your SaaS data and stay compliant
with Backup & Recovery by SpinOne (SpinBackup)

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Backup Advantages for Enterprise

Build a strong Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), and ensure data loss prevention, with SaaS data backup and recovery from SpinBackup, a solution within the SpinOne platform.



Protect multiple SaaS applications from one dashboard for complete protection.


Powerful Automation

1x or 3x a day automated snapshot backup with fast and accurate recovery.


Secure Storage

Backup your SaaS data on secure cloud storage: AWS, GCP, Azure, or BYOS.


Compliance Friendly

Store data at 32 locations around the world to meet compliance and local regulations.


Flexible Retention Policy

Configure data retention policy from 6 months to indefinitely.


Robust Search

Utilize numerous search filters to easily identify and recover lost data.

SaaS security for every use case

Why Businesses Choose SpinBackup

What Makes SpinBackup Different?

Fastest, Most Accurate Backup & Recovery for a Strong DRP

SpinBackup helps your organization build a strong DRP to avoid data loss disasters in the cloud due to ransomware attacks or human error.

With Spinbackup’s automated, 1x or 3x daily backups and our 99.9% SLA, you can ensure all your data is accurately recovered – with fast recovery that takes minutes, not weeks. 

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Most Compliance-Friendly Backup

Meet local and compliance regulationsby choosing from 32 storage locations worldwide and by choosing your preferred secure-cloud storage provider (AWS, GCP, Azure, or BYOS).

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Most Granular Backup

Backup and recover your emails, calendars, contacts, files and shared drives, including metadata on their hierarchy and sharing permissions. Restore a single file, several folders, or an entire service retaining its hierarchy and permissions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What SaaS applications does SpinBackup support?

SpinBackup supports Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Slack.

How often does SpinBackup perform data backups?

SpinbBackup performs 1-3 times daily automated backups of your SaaS data for fast and accurate recovery.

What types of data does SpinBackup back up?

SpinBackup backs up all types of files stored in your SaaS applications: emails, chats, contacts & calendar entries, as well as metadata (file hierarchy, email folders, permissions).

Is my SaaS data encrypted during backup and storage?

Yes: SpinBackup stores your data on GCP, Azure, AWS, or other storage of your choice. It also encrypts data in use, in transit, and at rest. As an Amazon Advanced Technology Partner, we provide a layered approach to encryption, using 256-bit AES to protect data security during electronic transmission and storage.

Can SpinBackup retain archive data of deleted users / former employees?

SpinBackup can retain archive data of deleted users. You can safely delete their Google Workspace/M365/Salesforce/Slack account and store all the data in our storage.

Do I have a choice in selecting a Cloud Provider, and which one would you recommend for backing up our Google Workspace Drives?

You can choose your own Cloud Provider including AWS, GCP, Azure, or BYOS. We strongly recommend Google Cloud Platform for backing up Google Workspace Drives.

Will I have a choice in selecting which geographical location we are able to store data? Do you have any locations in the UK?

You are able to store data in the United States (Iowa), Australia (Sydney), Asia (Singapore), and Europe (Netherlands) for GCP. Also we support changing storage location to Europe (London) after subscription activation via support request. We also offer Europe (Ireland) in AWS at the registration process.

Your Privacy policy states our content will be automatically analyzed to provide us with product or service features. Will any employees of Spin.AI have access to the analysis? If yes, what data is it that they’ll be able to see?

Customer data is encrypted at the object level. Spin.AI employees cannot see any of the customer data.

Do you have a Business Continuity Plan in place? If yes, how often is this tested?

We have a formal Business Continuity Plan (BCP). The test exercises are completed at least annually.

Do you carry out any penetration testing, and if so, how often?

An independent penetration testing of Spin.AI critical applications is performed annually and after every major code/functionality change.

Do you have a formal process in place to handle data breaches?

Spin.AI has established a formal Security Incident Response Plan including a Breach Notification process.

What is the pricing model?

Please see the pricing page for details on all our packages.

Streamlined Enterprise Security for SaaS Data

SaaS data security is our top priority. We’ve introduced several processes and regulations to protect your enterprise SaaS data and enhance compliance.

Your SaaS security starts with SpinOne