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SaaS Data Protection Checklist for Enterprises 2022

As we have covered in our cybersecurity series, SaaS data protection and security are essential to meeting the enterprise’s modern […]

What to Do During Ransomware Attack and After?

It is arguably the most dreaded phrase that IT admins and business leaders can hear – “ransomware attack.” Unfortunately, however, […]

FBI and CISA Alert (AA22-249A): Why Backups are Not Enough Anymore

With the growing threat of ransomware and the recent attacks by the Vice Society criminal group on education institutions, the […]

Rise of Cyber Attacks on Education Sector: Reasons, Methods and Pro...

Over the past year, we’ve seen a surge in cyber attacks on education sector. This article overviews the main reasons […]

Ransomware Prevention Tips for Large Businesses

Ransomware is a significant threat to organizations worldwide. Hackers are using ransomware to infect enterprise environments, steal data, and encrypt […]

Top SaaS Data Protection Challenges – Why Protect SaaS Data

As we enter cybersecurity awareness month, businesses worldwide need to consider how they are protecting and securing their data. As […]

Complete Offboarding Checklist To Preserve Data Security

One of the critical business processes in that organizations must give due diligence from a security and compliance perspective is […]

How to Choose a SaaS Data Protection Platform for Enterprise

Data protection is one of the most critical priorities of businesses today. With almost every business-critical process being data-driven for […]

Spin vs Microsoft Apps Risk Assessment

More than ever, organizations are using cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environments and leveraging third-party SaaS apps. Third-party cloud SaaS apps are […]