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Protect SaaS data with SpinOne SaaS Security Posture Management (SpinSPM)

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Spin.AI Google Workspace Module App Security

SSPM Advantages for Enterprise

Over 80% of organizations have SaaS misconfigurations and risky, third-party applications that lead to immediate security threats. For Security teams who need to reduce risks of misconfigurations and Shadow IT, SpinSPM is a SaaS Security Posture Management solution that provides full visibility and automated incident response to save time, reduce security costs, and improve compliance. Unlike other SSPM solutions, SpinSPM provides automated, in-depth risk assessments outlining security and compliance risks by leveraging our unique database of over 300,000 apps and browser extensions assessed by AI algorithms.

SpinSPM is recommended and integrated by Google, recognized as a Strong Performer in the Forrester SSPM Wave report, and trusted by 1,500+ organizations worldwide.


Misconfiguration Management

Identify and manage misconfigurations, security drifts, and compliance breaches within your SaaS applications through automated detection and response.


Inventory & Visibility

Inventory and gain visibility of all cloud services, mobile apps, SaaS apps, and browser extensions that have access to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, and understand who has access to these apps.


Assessment & Reassessment

Leverage 24/7 continuous monitoring and ongoing risk assessment, taking into consideration over 15 risk factors, to get full visibility into potential business, security, and compliance risks of each application and browser extension.


Access Management

Allowlist or blocklist risky applications or browser extensions for everyone or specific organizational units to prevent unauthorized access to your mission critical SaaS data.


Powerful Automation

Automate access management by creating configurable, granular security policies to monitor, alert, and blocklist/allowlist applications and browser extensions based on set criteria.


Incident Response

Get immediate, customizable notifications on detected incidents, misconfigurations, and risk score changes from a single dashboard that includes advanced reporting and integrations with Splunk, ServiceNow, Jira, and Slack.

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Why Businesses Choose SpinSPM

What Makes SpinSPM Different?

Google Workspace Admin Console free risk assessment from Spin.AI

Powerful Assessment Done in Minutes

Google Workspace Admin Console free risk assessment from Spin.AI

SpinSPM is the only SSPM solution that assesses Chrome browser extension risk for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. In fact, SpinOne was selected by Google to be integrated into its Console to assess the risk of sanctioned and unsanctioned browser extensions.

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Shadow IT and Third-party App Discovery

Spin.AI Google Workspace Module App Security

SpinSPM has discovered and assessed over 300,000+ OAuth applications and browser extensions using its AI-algorithms, helping organizations reduce risk assessment time from months manually to seconds automatically.

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Spin.AI Google Workspace Module App Security

Granular Risk Assessment

SpinOne uses over 15 factors to assess the application and extension risk, and breaks the assessment down into the following sections: scope of permissions, external communications, business operation risk, security risk, and compliance risk. Based on this data each app receives a security score from 0 to 100 to zero in on the riskiest applications and extensions and facilitate your decision-making process.

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Customizable and Automated Access Management and Incident Response

SpinSPM offers full control over access management and incident response cases by providing organizations the ability to customize their responses so they can fulfill their unique use cases. SpinOne also automates the access management and incident response process through highly configurable policies.

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SpinOne Platform

All-in-one SaaS Security Platform

SpinOne Platform

SpinSPM is a solution within SpinOne, the all-in-one SaaS security platform for mission-critical SaaS apps, that protects SaaS data for Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Slack. SpinOne provides SSPM, SaaS DLP, SaaS ransomware protection, and SaaS backup for more than 1,500 organizations worldwide to enhance cyber resilience, streamline security operations, and reduce security costs.

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Spin.AI Named a Strong Performer

The Forrester Wave™: SaaS Security Posture Management Q4 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SpinSPM help organizations secure their clouds?

While cloud SaaS is ripe with modern tools and technologies empowering businesses, it can equally be filled with security pitfalls using SaaS applications. For example, cloud misconfigurations, risky third-party applications, shadow IT, ransomware, data leakage, and many other threats can jeopardize critical and sensitive data and lead to security breaches. SpinSPM provides the capabilities needed for automated continuous monitoring and visibility of an organization’s SaaS apps in the cloud SaaS environment. It helps to minimize cloud misconfigurations and security risks of SaaS apps and provides native security controls to help protect sensitive data housed in cloud services. In addition, it bolsters the security team by providing 24x7x365 monitoring of the environment, quickly detecting security gaps in cloud apps, and allowing SecOps to address security issues effectively or use automated responses to remediate these.

Does SSPM cover third-party applications as well?

Yes. SSPM helps you inventory and gain visibility of all third-party cloud services, mobile apps, generative AI (GenAI) apps, and SaaS apps that have access to Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Slack and understand who has access to these apps. Unlike other SSPM solutions, SpinSPM goes a step further by also providing visibility into third-party browser extensions.

How do I get started with implementing SSPM for my organization?

Implementing SSPM and understanding SaaS security posture is incredibly important as it helps organizations understand their vulnerabilities and how these can be corrected. An SSPM checklist can help you get started, including these steps:

  • Evaluate data that isn’t protected
  • Provide visibility to data sharing
  • Detect and remediate malicious threats
  • Harden SaaS configurations
  • Evaluate the risks of SaaS apps

Why Do Enterprises Need SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)?

Over 75% of third-party SaaS applications are considered medium or high-risk applications according to our App Risk Report. And nearly 50% of installed extensions are high risk according to our Extension Risk Report. To respond to these SaaS risks, SSPM provides automated visibility and scanning of configurations, settings, and permissions to ensure these are configured according to security and compliance best practices. SSPM automation saves manual hours for SecOps professionals since SSPM can carry out the tedious manual tasks of analyzing configurations and continuously scanning for security and compliance risks.

What is the SpinSPM pricing model?

Please see the pricing page for details on SpinSPM and all our packages.

Does SpinSPM support compliance with industry regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA?

Yes, SpinSPM helps support compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and other laws, regulations, and standards by offering secure 1x or 3x daily backups, 256-bit AES encryption, automated policy-based controls over data sharing, robust access control, and more.

 Can SpinSPM be deployed on-premises, or is it cloud-based only?

SpinSPM is an exclusively SaaS-based solution. It cannot be deployed on-premises. 

Does SpinSPM scale with the growth of an organization’s SaaS usage?

Yes, SpinSPM can scale effectively with an organization’s SaaS usage growth. It is designed to handle large and complex SaaS environments, scaling to support additional users, applications, and data volumes as the organization expands. In addition, you can adapt security policies, monitor settings, and ensure compliance measures to suit your organization’s evolving needs.

What kind of reporting and analytics does SpinSPM offer?

All essential alerts, reporting, and analytics are accessible on a unified SpinSPM dashboard. Administrators can enable real-time alerts by connecting with Splunk, ServiceNow, Jira, and Slack. Furthermore, SpinSPM offers detailed activity reports on a weekly and monthly basis.

 How many third-party applications does SpinSPM detect?

SpinSPM leverages a unique database of over 300,000 apps and browser extensions assessed by our AI algorithms. It can detect a wide range of third-party applications, generative AI (GenAI) apps, and SaaS apps that have OAuth access to the SaaS data we protect in Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack, and Salesforce.

What are the key benefits of SpinSPM?

SpinSPM enhances your overall security posture, reduces security costs, and improves compliance by:

  • reducing the risk of misconfigurations and shadow IT
  • providing automated, in-depth risk assessments
  • ensuring complete visibility over your SaaS environment
  • providing automated incident response

What is the recommended workflow with SpinSPM?

As an administrator, you first install the SpinOne app from the Google or Microsoft Marketplace and then set up necessary security posture management policies to identify misconfigurations, Shadow IT, and other threats. Once configured, SpinSPM initiates automated application risk assessments and provides automated incident responses.

What type of access permissions does SpinSPM require and why?

To start using SpinSPM, an administrator login is required. Admin-only access heightens data security and enables more efficient supervision and administration of the platform’s features

Streamlined Enterprise Security for SaaS Data

SaaS data security is our top priority. We’ve introduced several processes and regulations to protect your enterprise SaaS data and enhance compliance.

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