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SaaS Ransomware Detection & Response

Protect your SaaS data from cloud ransomware attacks with SpinOne Ransomware Detection and Response (SpinRDR)

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    Achieve Near-Zero Downtime

    Defeat cloud ransomware attacks on your mission-critical SaaS data with full visibility and a fast, fully automated incident response with SpinRDR, a solution within the SpinOne platform. Reduce business downtime from 1 month to less than 2 hours, and reduce recovery costs by over 90%.


    Reduce Downtime

    SpinRDR provides 2 hours incident response SLA from cloud ransomware attacks, reducing downtime from 21 days to 2 hours.


    24/7 Ransomware Monitoring

    24/7 Ransomware monitoring of core services proactively detects ransomware patterns and stops an in-progress ransomware attack acting as your last line of defense.


    AI-powered Detection

    AI-algorithms proactively detect any early signs of a cloud ransomware attacks using behavior based detection methodology.


    Block Ransomware Attack Source

    SpinRDR blocks the source of a ransomware attack by revoking API access to the malicious application,  to immediately stop the spread and reduce the impact of a ransomware attack.


    Damaged Assets Isolation

    Damaged files are isolated once a ransomware attack is detected, preventing any further encryption to your SaaS data.


    Immutable Storage

    Your SaaS data backups are secure by design. SpinRDR provides multiple locations to keep your data safe including AWS, GCP, Azure, or BYOS.


    Automated Ransomware Recovery

    SpinRDR automatically recovers any affected files from the last successfully backed up version after stopping a ransomware attack, maintaining folder hierarchy, and sharing permissions.


    Real-time Alerting

    SpinRDR sends immediate security alerts to domain administrators via Email, Slack or Teams while automated protection is taking place.

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    Why Businesses Choose SpinRDR

    What Makes SpinRDR Different?

    Ransomware Protection for Business Continuity and Compliance

    SpinRDR can detect ransomware in the cloud, block the source of the attack, identify encrypted files, notify admins of a potential ransomware attack in real-time, and initiate the automated granular recovery of the damaged assets — all without requiring any human intervention.

    SpinRDR helps prevent compliance breaches and ensures SaaS data availability, safeguarding your business continuity and SaaS data integrity.

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    Reduced Downtime and Ransomware Recovery Cost

    All in One SaaS Data Protection Platform for Enterprise

    SpinRDR guards against ransomware and protects your SaaS data from sensitive data leak, data loss, and reputational and financial damage.

    SpinRDR enables fast and granular restore to the most recent versions of your SaaS data in minutes, ensuring mission-critical data availability and near-zero downtime.

    Protect high-value and compliance data against sophisticated ransomware attacks in the cloud with a comprehensive disaster recovery solution for SaaS applications.

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    All in One SaaS Data Protection Platform for Enterprise


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need ransomware detection and response?

    92% of organizations worldwide experienced at least one ransomware attack in 2022, and the average total cost of attack hit an astounding $4.3 million. SpinRDR helps you reduce downtime and recovery costs in case disaster strikes. See for yourself on our Ransomware Tracker for download how common ransomware attacks are, and what industries are most commonly targeted.

    What is the typical downtime from a ransomware attack?

    Ransomware attack downtimes can take anywhere from weeks or months due to API limitations of SaaS providers (average: 21 days). 

    SpinRDR provides a 2 hour incident response SLA.

    How does SpinRDR detect and prevent ransomware attacks?

    SpinRDR provides 24/7 automated monitoring to detect ransomware patterns and stop in-progress ransomware attacks – by blocking the source of the attack, identifying encrypted files, notifying admins of a potential ransomware attack in real-time, and initiating the automated granular recovery of the damaged assets — all without requiring any human intervention.

    Does SpinRDR offer data backup and recovery capabilities?

    Yes – SpinRDR includes the backup and disaster recovery capabilities of SpinBackup, including 1x/3x a day automated backup to AWS, GCP, Azure, or BYOS, data encryption, data management and recovery, and 24/7 support.

    What is SpinRDR’s pricing model?

    Please see the pricing page for details on SpinRDR and all our packages.

    Streamlined Enterprise Security for SaaS Data

    SaaS data security is our top priority. We’ve introduced several processes and regulations to protect your enterprise SaaS data and enhance compliance.

    Your SaaS security starts with SpinOne