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SaaS Data Leak Prevention and Data Loss Protection (DLP)

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    DLP for Enterprise

    Enhance data leak prevention and data loss protection capabilities, and address insider threats in your SaaS environment with SpinDLP, a solution within the SpinOne platform. Improve compliance with automated protection and reduce security issues by 95%.


    Monitor Shared Data

    Full visibility on data exposure by monitoring files that are shared outside or inside your organization.


    Change Data Access

    Change sharing access and ownership of files to protect them from possible data leak manually or through automated policies.


    PII Detection

    Monitor out of the box types of sensitive data across core services and receive alerts for confidential data sent, stored or received by your users.


    Set DLP Policies

    Create policies to automate file sharing access management, sensitive data detection and abnormal user behavior.


    Control Abnormal Events

    Set thresholds and get notified on abnormal login, data downloads, or transfers by your users to take timely action.


    Offboard Employees Safely

    Mitigate key risks related to employee offboarding, e.g., unauthorized sharing or data theft.


    Receive Incidents Alerts

    Receive and respond to data leak threats quicker with automated notifications sent to Email, Slack, Teams, Jira & ServiceNow.


    Activity Reports

    Get extensive reports on DLP incidents on a weekly and monthly basis.

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    Why Businesses Choose SpinDLP

    What Makes SpinDLP Different?

    Data Leak Protection for Critical SaaS Data

    Up to 10% of corporate data is shared externally by mistake or by malicious intent. It may cause data breaches and leaks of sensitive information.

    SpinDLP scans files to detect sensitive data and identifies the improperly shared files and immediately change sharing settings to safer ones. IT teams can also use it to set precise policies and prevent data leak incidents.

    Enhance your data protection strategy

    How It Works

    SpinDLP scans mailboxes, attachments, user drives and shared folders to identify and alert on detected sensitive data, ensuring that confidential business information is not being sent, received or shared. Use SpinDLP to create Security Policies to detect 15+ out of the box types of sensitive data.

    Follow DLP best practices


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How easy is it to manage and configure SpinDLP?

    Very easy! SpinDLP offers extended functionalities to augment and strengthen the DLP functionalities that your SaaS environments offer – all on one configurable, user-friendly dashboard. Watch the video.

    What types of data leak incidents does SpinDLP cover?

    SpinDLP protects your organization from internal threat, external threat, and data leak incidents such as: 

    1. Public access to corporate sensitive data
    2. Sharing with users outside organization
    3. Granting access to sensitive data to unauthorized users inside organization
    4. Viewing and editing permissions given to third-party applications or extensions

    Does SpinDLP provide visibility into data usage and movement?

    Yes: SpinDLP provides visibility into what data is being shared (and by what user), access management with automated policies, and detailed reporting and analytics for you to track data movement and access patterns.

    What level of data encryption does the SpinDLP solution offer?

    SpinDLP uses data encryption at rest, in transit, and in use to secure your information. Additionally we store your data on AWS, GCP, Azure or BYOS

    Does SpinDLP provide real-time monitoring and response?

    Yes: SpinDLP monitors sensitive data across core services and sends automated incident alerts directly to your email, Slack, Teams, Jira, or ServiceNow.

    What is the pricing model?

    Please see the pricing page for details on all our packages.

    What applications does SpinDLP protect?

    SpinDLP protects SaaS data. It monitors your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 environment to identify and take action on risks to SaaS data residing there.

     What is the difference between the demo version and the free trial version of the solution? How can I get access?

    The free SpinDLP demo is a 30-minute conversation with our solution engineer, which involves a discussion of your SaaS data security needs, a live demonstration of the SpinOne platform, Q&A to ensure you have all the information you need, and SpinOne pricing details.

    The free SpinDLP trial gives the ability to use all the functionality of the SpinOne platform, except for integrations. Once the free trial is over, you will be using only the functionality of the product you acquired.
    Start your free 15-day trial or contact sales for a demo here.

    Does SpinDLP cover third-party applications as well?

    Yes. SpinDLP scans all data within your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 environments, including those residing in third-party apps.

    Who is responsible for configuration and monitoring in SpinDLP?

    Your SaaS Admins are responsible for configuring SpinDLP policies, monitoring specific activities that break these policies, and taking action on these activities by revoking sharing permissions if needed. SpinDLP is fast to install and easy to manage, especially with automated policies.

    Does SpinDLP offer specific tools/filters to enable administrators to find the information they are looking for?

    Yes. The SpinDLP data audit section enables administrators to sort and filter your data for external or internal users, specific groups or domains, or even anyone with a link to shared files. SpinDLP filtering capabilities give more visibility into how your data is being shared on a file-level basis.

    What kind of suspicious activities can SpinDLP detect?

    SpinDLP monitors an extensive number of activities that have breached your DLP policies. SpinDLP can detect suspicious downloads, sharing, sending or receiving, or any other manipulations with data. Once the suspicious activity has broken the conditions set in your policies, you’ll receive an alert.

    Are SpinDLP data sharing permissions created manually or automatically?

    You can manage your sharing permissions both manually and automatically by setting up customized SpinDLP policies.

     What type of sensitive information is monitored by SpinDLP?

    SpinDP can monitor many sensitive data types, including credit card numbers, domain names, IP addresses, social security numbers, and more.

    Streamlined Enterprise Security for SaaS Data

    SaaS data security is our top priority. We’ve introduced several processes and regulations to protect your enterprise SaaS data and enhance compliance.

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