Additional Fields in ServiceNow Integration

Written By Davit Asatryan (Administrator)

Updated at March 20th, 2023

When setting up your ServiceNow integration with SpinOne, you'll notice the ability to add additional fields on top of the required ones.

Here are examples of fields you can add as needed:

ServiceNow Fields Value
Category Configured Categories from ServiceNow. Ex: Software
Assigned To Email or name of user
Assignment Group Name of Assignment Group
Impact Impact level for created incidents
Urgency Urgency level for created incidents

Simply enter the variable name on the left hand of the ServiceNow Integration in the SpinOne platform, and on the right side indicate the expected output.

If you have any other fields in your ServiceNow that you want to include as part of the integration, include the variable name in SpinOne and on the right hand side include the expected output.

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