Stop Sharing by Domain

Written By Davit Asatryan (Administrator)

Updated at September 27th, 2023

Does your organization work with agencies from time to time where folders and files have to be shared with them? How do you manage sharing permissions to immediately revoke access upon the completion of your project? 

Through SpinOne, administrators are able to easily manage sharing permissions to specific domains.

Head to the Data Audit section from the left panel and open up the Shared to filter.

You will notice the ability to filter by domain by selecting Specific domain. Enter the domain to quickly present all files that users from the entered domain have access to. 

Once you find the files that no longer need to be shared with that specific domain, select them and choose Stop selected sharing.

Select Stop sharing by domain and enter the domain or domains which need to be removed. Press the Enter key after inputting a domain and click Stop sharing to proceed.

Do you want to automate this process? Head to the Security policies section and create a Shared Items Control policy.

In the Check domains, users or groups section enter all domains that you want to revoke sharing permissions to.


Select Revoke sharing permissions as the action, then create your policy in order to automatically revoke sharing permissions to the entered domains.

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