Spin Technology Announces New Security Features to SpinOne for Microsoft 365

Palo Alto, CA, September 11, 2021 – The cyber security threat landscape grew in complexity throughout 2021. Cloud attack techniques continue to evolve and the frequency of attacks is increasing constantly. The percentage of organizations victimized by ransomware attacks continuously grows. On average, in 2021, 68.5 percent of businesses were victimized by ransomware, according to Statista.

Releasing advanced new SaaS security solutions for Microsoft 365 organizations, Spin Technology provides enhanced visibility to cybersecurity threats, advanced DLP, and additional security controls. SpinOne SaaS Security Management Platform is designed for security professionals. Over 1,500 enterprise security teams worldwide rely on SpinOne to address the full spectrum of ransomware protection, data loss, and leak scenarios across malicious, negligent, or compromised users.

Spin.ai has introduced new features for Microsoft 365 customers, providing seamless SaaS security management experience, greater visibility to cybersecurity threats, easier data audits, and additional security controls. These include the following:

  1. Cloud Monitor
  2. Incident Monitoring
  3. SaaS Data Audit
  4. Advanced Security Policies
  5. SaaS Data Archive

Cloud Monitor provides full visibility of what’s going on in your SaaS environment and allows administrators to instantly pinpoint specific events, filter the log data, export log records to SIEM systems for further analysis via API, and identify SaaS security incidents in seconds, not weeks. Cloud Monitor simplifies day-to-day security operations and accelerates response and ultimate visibility for admins without searching numerous dashboards and tools.

Incident Monitoring. The tool saves a tremendous amount of time for SecOps teams by highlighting and identifying events that breach corporate security policies such as abnormal data download to a local device, abnormal data transfer from one cloud account to another one, brute force attacks, login by GEO IP, data deletion, data sharing inside /outside and PII data detection.

SaaS Data Audit. Businesses experience more data breaches due to remote workers. The work from home approach requires compliance with strict security measures. Proliferating data breaches due to remote workers increase risks and challenges of unauthorized data access and sharing outside of your organization with third parties.

SpinOne helps security teams maintain control over data sharing, retain visibility on confidential information shared outside the organization, and have instant access control capabilities.

Data audit identifies data breaches on OneDrive and Sharepoint when it comes to shared data and allows seeing the file or folder shared, who they are shared to, when they were shared, and any policies applied. Administrators can easily revoke access, stop sharing and take ownership of the shared data manually or automate this process via security policies.

Security Policies. With the new SaaS security policies, Microsoft 365 administrators will be able to easily automate over 90% of their workflow and save time to focus on the mission-critical goals and allow the machine to take care of the repeatable routine work.

SaaS Data Archive SpinOne introduced a new Add-ons feature that allows taking advantage of the additional backend store and infrastructure offered by Microsoft 365. These include:

Archive licenses, a cost-effective solution that allows retaining terminated employee data:

  1. One Automated Backup
  2. Unlimited Manual Backups
  3. Unlimited Download
  4. Unlimited Restores
  5. Unlimited Storage
  6. Access to the latest Snapshot

Spin is also introducing three new features in SpinOne for Microsoft 365:

  1. Browse the full OneDrive folder structure for restores
  2. PST Export for Exchange Online
  3. Increased storage from 30GB to 50GB for paid SpinOne customers

“We believe that the majority of organizations have to rethink their disaster recovery strategy for SaaS data,” said Spin’s Chief Executive Officer, Dmitry Dontov. “Traditional backup solutions are not effective in the SaaS environment due to API limitations and SaaS data increase. SpinOne continues to innovate by providing proactive monitoring and fast incident response on top of backup to reduce downtime and recovery costs which is going to be a new market standard for SaaS data protection.”

About Spin Technology

Spin Technology is a SaaS data protection company based in Palo Alto, CA that helps enterprise businesses manage cybersecurity risks, protect against cloud ransomware, human error, and insider threats. Spin Technology’s solutions extend security across Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 environments. Spin is designed to protect organizations against data leaks and data loss in the cloud by backing up sensitive data to secure cloud storage and identifying security threats. The AI-driven technology provides 24×7 monitoring and detection against malware threats and identifies business risks, while Spin’s automated runbooks deploy powerful countermeasures to ensure continuous operation.

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