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SaaS Security for the Software Industry

Software companies leverage SpinOne to protect their development environments and source code from unauthorized access, data loss, and ransomware attacks ensuring continuity in software delivery.

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Impact of SaaS Security Risks in the Software Industry


of all cyber attacks involve ransomware


In 2022, the average ransom amount was

$1.54M *source

On average, an affected company experiences

22 days

of downtime after a ransomware attack


SpinOne for Software Organizations

SpinOne provides complete protection for SaaS environments, helping teams prevent data loss, identify insider threats, and proactively stop ransomware attacks.
SpinOne is an all-in-one SaaS security platform that helps software makers protect SaaS data from loss, ransomware, risky apps, misconfigurations, and non-compliance. SpinOne includes SaaS backup, ransomware protection, DLP, and SSPM.

Backup & Disaster Recovery for Software Companies

Automated Backup and Granular Recovery is essential for software companies to preserve their data. SpinBackup uses secure storage (AWS, Azure, GCP, or BYOS) and encrypts data in transit, at rest, and in use.

Ransomware Protection for Software Companies

SpinRDR ransomware detection and response is based on data behavior analysis. Detecting ransomware patterns helps SpinRDR identify the attack in its early stages, revoke the malware’s access to the SaaS environment, and begin immediate data recovery.

Data Loss Prevention & Data Leak Protection for Software Companies

SpinDLP is essential for Software companies to automate the detection, investigation, and termination of data theft attempts from both malicious insiders and hackers who successfully hijacked accounts.

SaaS Security Posture Management for Software Companies

Spin.AI Google Workspace Module App Security

SpinSPM functionality helps identify cloud misconfigurations, risky OAuth applications, and compliance gaps. It also provides a toolkit for early intervention and immediate remediation significantly decreasing the risk of zero-day attacks.

Spin.AI Google Workspace Module App Security

Why Software Development Companies Choose SpinOne

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select which solution is right for my company?

You can learn more about the SpinOne platform and all our SaaS security solutions by requesting a short, personalized demo.

Do you have a trial version I can test out?

Yes, you can start your free 15-day trial today.

How does SpinOne help software companies protect SaaS data?

For software companies that use Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, or Slack, SpinOne helps secure and recover this valuable SaaS data. It enhances cyber resilience, security operations, and cost efficiency with an all-in-one SaaS security platform that protects data from loss, ransomware, risky apps, misconfigurations, and non-compliance.

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