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SaaS Security for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions use SpinOne to secure faculty and student data against ransomware attacks and data loss, while saving time and resources with an easy-to-use interface and our proactive customer success team.

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Impact of SaaS Security Risks in Education

Education is the

top industry

targeted by ransomware


Education ransomware attacks cost over


in downtime over 5 years


Average ransomware downtime in education lengthened from 7.9 days in 2022 to

11.6 days in 2023 *source

SpinOne for Educational Institutions

Secure and Restore SaaS Data for Mission Critical Applications 
SpinOne is an all-in-one SaaS security platform that protects SaaS data from loss, ransomware, risky apps, misconfigurations, and non-compliance. SpinOne includes SaaS backup, ransomware protection, DLP, and SSPM. 
If you’re looking to reduce Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 storage costs, take advantage of our limited time, special discount for educational institutions.

SaaS Backup & Recovery for Educational Institutions

You retain terabytes of sensitive data about students, employees, and research for extended periods of time. You need fast, reliable, automated daily backups from SpinBackup, with granular recovery to prevent permanent loss of data and related legal implications.

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Ransomware Detection & Response for Educational Institutions

Educational establishments across the globe have been repeatedly attacked by ransomware. SpinRDR provides AI-powered ransomware protection that stops the attack and recovers your data within our 2-hour SLA, instead of weeks or months. This saves you from the detrimental consequences of ransomware downtime. 

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Data Loss Prevention & Data Leak Protection for Educational Institutions

Protect faculty, administration and students’ sensitive data with SpinDLP –  built to detect and stop data leakage, identify malicious insiders, and control risky sharing.

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SaaS Security Posture Management for Educational Institutions

Spin.AI Google Workspace Module App Security

With thousands of accounts and a cybersecurity talent gap, it’s hard for EDU institutions to control cloud misconfigurations and assess the risks of third-party applications and browser extensions. SpinSPM helps tackle these risks within minutes, saving hours of manual labor.

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University case study

Spin.AI Google Workspace Module App Security

Why Educational Institutions Choose SpinOne

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Frequently Asked Questions

How prevalent are ransomware attacks in education data breaches?

According to the Verizon 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report, “Ransomware was responsible for almost one-third of all breaches in the Educational Services vertical.”

How does SpinOne help educational institutions reduce storage costs for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365?

Google and Microsoft announced that they no longer offer unlimited storage for Google Workspace and M365 for Education, which can cause huge additional costs. Institutions can reduce the impact on budget by archiving the data of inactive users to the SpinOne platform to free up Google Workspace and M365 storage.

Why is the SaaS data of educational institutions at risk?

According to Gartner, “Educational institutions are viewed as a target-rich environment due to the large amount of sensitive data, intellectual property and personally identifiable information they maintain for students, research and operations.”

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