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SaaS Security for Healthcare

Healthcare companies use SpinOne to protect patient and organizational data from ransomware attacks and data loss, ensuring HIPAA compliance while facilitating secure data sharing among healthcare professionals.

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Impact of SaaS Security Risks in Healthcare

Healthcare was


targeted industry for ransomware attacks in 2023


of healthcare organizations hit by ransomware report delays for medical procedures and tests


surveyed noted that a ransomware attack had resulted in longer stay lengths for patients


SpinOne for Healthcare Organizations

SaaS Security and Data Protection for HPO
The healthcare sector remains one of the major targets for ransomware and the number of successful attacks grows steadily. 
The SpinOne SaaS security platform helps healthcare organizations address these issues and remain compliant. Built to protect key SaaS applications, SpinOne closes major security gaps protecting your sensitive data from loss, leak, ransomware, and zero-day attacks.

Backup & Disaster Recovery for Healthcare

Secure and recover data with SpinBackup:

  • Daily automated backups
  • Secure storage on AWS, Azure, GCP, or BYOS
  • 99.9% SLA
  • Granular recovery + file versioning
  • Easy data migration between accounts

Ransomware Protection for Healthcare

Prevent months of downtime, ransom payments, legal penalties and reputational losses with SpinRDR:

  • AI-powered, behavior-based detection 
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Automated remediation
  • Blocking ransomware source
  • Fastest 2-hour recovery SLA on the market

Data Loss Prevention & Data Leak Protection for Healthcare

Prevent lawsuits from patients and controlling agencies by protecting data with SpinDLP:

  • Control how your files are shared inside and outside the organization
  • Monitor and control the PII data of your patients and employees
  • Automate your interventions with custom DLP policies
  • Monitor abnormal events like user logins and data downloads

SaaS Security Posture Management for Healthcare 

Spin.AI Google Workspace Module App Security

Control risky apps and cloud misconfigurations to prevent non-compliance and cyber attacks with SpinSPM:

  • Shadow IT detection 
  • Continuous application and browser extension risk assessment
  • Automated remediation of risky apps and extensions
  • Misconfiguration detection and control
  • Non-compliance control
Spin.AI Google Workspace Module App Security

Why Healthcare Organizations Choose SpinOne

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main SaaS security risks to healthcare organizations?

The key SaaS security risks to healthcare organizations are interruption of clinical care due to a major cyber event and data leakage.

How impactful is a ransomware incident for healthcare organizations?

Ransomware is very harmful for healthcare organizations. For example, 71% of healthcare organizations hit by ransomware report delays for medical procedures and tests.

How can healthcare organizations stay compliant?

Organizations can stay compliant by following Cybersecurity Best Practices for Healthcare and our SaaS Security Checklist.

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