Case Study

Automotive giant gains visibility and assessment on SaaS risks


As one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, the organization heavily relies on Google Workspace for their day to day processes of thousands of employees in a seamless fashion. Having multiple departments, factories and offices around the world, and some even in remote areas, it is crucial for them to ensure the safety of their SaaS services.


Having thousands of employees all across the globe, this organization faces issues around the lack of visibility to the cloud SaaS applications their users are installing. Instead of blocking access to all applications, they want to first gain visibility in order to be able to implement the right policies on removing risky applications. The challenge is that each application requires a different scope of permissions, security measures in place, and compliance requirements. Third-party applications are also the leading factors of Shadow IT. It is too cumbersome to perform these assessments manually, and it’s too big of a risk to not do at all. Their security department required a tool that would allow them to automate these processes in order to mitigate external risks.

The SpinSPM Solution

Interestingly enough, all it took was a quick search on the web for this organization to locate SpinSPM. They were searching for a solution that can detect, assess and manage access for all their third-party OAuth applications and Browser Extensions and SpinSPM was the only solution that provided an AI based assessment, with no agent required.

Key features

  • AI-Based Risk Assessment of 20+ categories
  • Blocklist/Allowlist Management
  • Security Policies
  • Approval Process
  • Reporting and Alerting


After a swift and easy onboarding, the automotive organization was able gain full visibility into all third-party applications and browser extensions, along with their respective assessments. What stood out for them most was how quickly SpinSPM was able to detect and assess apps after their employees had installed them. They spent time with the Spin team in analyzing and understanding trends in employee app usage, which led the organization to create policies that automatically allowed or revoked OAuth access to the app depending on its assessed risk. Their entire process of assessment and access management is now fully automated. Thus far, SpinSPM has detected and assessed over 50,000 apps for this organization.

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