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Automated Ransomware Protection with SpinOne

Overview is a family owned office furniture manufacturing company, which has large manufacturing locations in Huntingburg, Indiana, Leitchfield Kentucky, Huntington Beach California, and Jasper Indiana. OFS also has numerous showrooms throughout the United States, some locations include New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Also, they provide logistics solutions in markets across the world. OFS has created a stable, family oriented foundation that is entrusted by thousands of customers. They prioritize customer experience and hold true to their company’s pillar values such as empathy, simplicity, teamworks and stewardship to name a few. OFS uses the Google Workspace platform and they rely on Google Drive in order to complete their daily tasks and share data within and outside of their organization.


Jake Killian is the Tech Support Manager at OFS Brands, and had the main responsibility to search for a solution that can provide security for their almost 12TB of data. After conducting an investigation into their Google Workspace organization, a security weakness in their environment that can be a threat for malicious attacks, which are readily becoming prevalent. Since OFS had millions of items in their domain and over 12TB of data, it was critical for them to find a solution that can reduce down time in the event of being hit by malware. Ransomware attacks have been on the rise, and OFS wanted to be one step ahead of any threat by finding a solution that addressed all their needs.

The Solution

After reviewing and testing multiple solutions in the market, OFS decided to sign up with SpinOne because SpinOne not only met, but exceeded their expectations. Spin addresses all their key challenges by providing automated ransomware protection, sharing event monitoring, and sensitive data detection in an all in one solution. SpinOne’s updated user-friendly UI, storage capabilities, and world class support helped make his decision for them.

“Customer service skills was incredible o help understand your solution and sold us on SpinOne”

They were pleased that any encryption events would automatically be detected, stopped, and a new unencrypted copy of their data would be recovered from their previous backup – all automatically, with no agent required. The Data Audit feature from Spin allowed OFS to monitor all actions within and outside of their organization, which is a feature that is second to no competitor.

“The ability to view what file and which user shared data outside of our company is huge”

OFS works with customers and companies of all sizes outside of their organization, SpinOne’s data sharing monitoring tool was exactly what their security team was searching for in order to ensure data was being shared to the correct users. The sensitive data monitoring tool allowed OFS to be aware of all sharing events that were taking place that contained sensitive data such as credit card, social security, and banking information. Lastly, the ability to easily and quickly restore any backed up data directly to their account was a tremedenous aid.

“SpinOne had a added benefit into being able to reach out to workers to be careful for sharing sensitive data”

The combined customer support and all in one solution offered by Spin, provided the exact security solution OFS was in the market for, plus more.

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