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December 21, 2023 | Updated on: February 9, 2024 | Reading time 5 minutes

Top 5 Best Blogs of 2023

Courtney Ostermann - Chief Marketing Officer Spin.AI

Chief Marketing Officer

As the year comes to a close, we’re looking back on all the great blogs our readers couldn’t get enough of! Our blog covers a wide range of topics from our panel of cybersecurity experts – showing you how to proactively protect your SaaS data, mitigate risks, save time, reduce downtime and recovery costs, and improve compliance. We’ve selected our top 5 blogs for you to revisit as we enter 2024: take a look!

5. Holiday Extension Risks: Navigating the Web Safely During the Festive Season

This time of year is marked by a flurry of online shopping, travel planning, and communicating with family and friends. While apps and browser extensions add a layer of convenience to these activities, they also pose a risk, potentially endangering the security of both personal and work accounts. Read this blog to understand the potential dangers associated with browser extensions – and safeguard your SaaS data.

holiday extension risk

4. 3 SaaS Security Predictions for 2023

SaaS tools have become an invaluable part of the digital workspace – increasing workflow and productivity, managing customer engagement and communications between coworkers and clients. But as the market and SaaS data grow, so do the inherent risks and the precautions and considerations companies must consider. To help business leaders evaluate and understand the changing SaaS market, check out the three predictions we’re making for 2024. 

3. Our Key Takeaways From Forrester’s SaaS Security Posture Management, Q4 2023 Report

Renowned research and advisory firm Forrester has published The Forrester Wave(™): SaaS Security Posture Management, Q4 2023 report. Spin.AI is honored to have been named as a Strong Performer among 15 compared SSPM vendors. Read more to make informed decisions when protecting your critical SaaS data (and get your own copy of the report!)

2. A Deep Dive into New SpinOne Features

Stay ahead of the latest security threats and improve your SaaS Security Posture by identifying and mitigating risks in your SaaS environment with these exciting new features – available for SpinOne customers today. Let’s take a closer look at what these new features mean for you and your organization:

1. Browser Extension Risk Report: High Risks for SaaS Data

We recently released the SaaS Application Risk Report analyzing the risk associated with SaaS applications: showing that 75% of SaaS applications pose a high or medium risk to data stored in Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. In this article, we take a similar approach with a deeper look into the risk associated with browser extensions in 2023.  

Looking for more ways to proactively protect your SaaS data? Check out our most recent blogs here for more from our experts.

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Courtney Ostermann - Chief Marketing Officer Spin.AI

Written by

Chief Marketing Officer at Spin.AI

Courtney Ostermann is the Chief Marketing Officer at Spin.AI, responsible for the global marketing program focused on driving brand awareness and revenue growth.

Previously, Courtney served as the Vice President of Corporate and Demand Marketing at PerimeterX, where she helped accelerate revenue and supported its acquisition by HUMAN Security.

She was also the Vice President of Corporate Marketing at PagerDuty, where she assisted with the company’s IPO, and has held marketing leadership roles at organizations such as Imperva, BMC Software, Oracle, and Saba Software. Courtney resides in the Bay Area and is a graduate of Colgate University. She is also a Board member at Lycee Francais de San Francisco.

In her spare time, she can be found standup paddling, wingfoiling, mountain biking, hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

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