What’s New at Spin Technology: Q2 2022

Here is a quick summary of the major updates and releases in the second quarter of 2022.

Q2 Spin Technology Achievements 

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Q2 Product Updates 

Updates for SpinOne for Google Workspace and Office 365 

We Introduced Select Storage Location for Users

SpinOne has made it easier to set separate storage locations for different users during the onboarding process. Simply login to the SpinOne platform and head to the Add users section. Select the users you would like to activate and click Activate users to set their storage location. Administrators can customize storage location by the organization as a whole, by OU and now by separate entities as well.

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We Introduced Bulk Activation 

Onboarding Users and Shared Folders can be tiring and a long process, especially for large organizations. SpinOne is proud to announce Bulk Activation through CSV uploads. Prepare a CSV of all users and folders that need to be activated, upload the file, and Activate!

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  • Google Workspace here
  • Office 365 here

Updates for SpinOne for Salesforce

We Introduced Smart Object Restore 

Salesforce contains many relationships between objects and as a result it is difficult during recovery to understand which objects to recover and how in depth it should be. Now, instead of selecting a hierarchy depth of each object that needs to be restored, administrators can select objects and be able to view all associated objects and be in full control of what is restored

Learn more about Smart Object Restore for Salesforce here.

We Introduced Rollback 

Rollback for Salesforce will allow administrators to fully revert their Salesforce environment into a previous version, simultaneously for both data and metadata. Once the task is launched, SpinOne will first compare both versions and present you with a preview of exactly how many records of each object will be restored. You can view how many records have been Removed, Changed or Added for each object.

Learn more about Rollback for Salesforce here.

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