Google Workspace Ransomware Protection

2 hours incident response SLA from cloud ransomware attacks.

24/7 AI-driven Ransomware monitoring to protect your Gmail, Google Drive, and Shared Drives data.

Reduce downtime to 2 hours and recovery costs up to 90% with recovery happening in minutes, not weeks.

Google workspace ransomware protection Google Workspace ransomware protection SpinOne
Google workspace ransomware protection Google Workspace ransomware protection SpinOne

Reduce Downtime and Recovery Costs

SpinOne helps defeat cloud ransomware attacks on your Google Workspace mission-critical SaaS data. It provides full visibility into the scope of the damage when a ransomware attack occurs and a fast, fully automated incident response.


Reduce Downtime

SpinOne provides 2 hours incident response SLA from cloud ransomware attacks, reducing downtime from 21 days to 2 hours.


24/7 Ransomware Monitoring

24/7 Ransomware monitoring proactively detects ransomware patterns and stops an in-progress ransomware attack acting as your last line of defense.


AI-powered Detection

Crypto detection algorithms easily detect cloud ransomware attacks on your mission-critical SaaS data


Block Ransomware Attack Source

SpinOne blocks the source of a ransomware attack by revoking API access to your business SaaS data to immediately stop the spread and reduce the impact of a ransomware attack.


Damaged Assets Isolation

Damaged files are isolated once a ransomware attack is detected, preventing any further encryption to your SaaS data.


Immutable Storage

Your SaaS data backups are secure by design. SpinOne provides multiple locations to keep your data safe including AWS, GCP, or Azure.


Automated Ransomware Recovery

SpinOne automatically recovers any affected files from the last successfully backed up version after stopping a ransomware attack, maintaining folder hierarchy, and sharing permissions.


Real-time Alerting

SpinOne sends immediate security alerts to domain administrators via Slack or email while automated protection is taking place.

Ransomware Protection for Business Continuity and Compliance

Google Workspace ransomware protection SpinOne

SpinOne can detect ransomware in the Cloud, block the source of the attack, identify encrypted files, notify Google Workspace admins of a potential ransomware attack in real-time, and initiate the automated granular recovery of the damaged assets — all without requiring any human intervention.

Google Workspace Ransomware protection by SpinOne helps prevent compliance breaches, ensures SaaS data availability, safeguarding your business continuity and SaaS data integrity.

Google Workspace ransomware protection SpinOne
Google Workspace ransomware protection SpinOne

Accelerated Ransomware Recovery

Google Workspace ransomware protection SpinOne

SpinOne guards against ransomware and prevents your SaaS data in Google Workspace from sensitive data leak, data loss, reputational and financial damage.

SpinOne allows fast and granular restore to the most recent versions of your Google Workspace data in minutes, ensuring mission-critical data availability and near-zero downtime and overcoming Google API limitation.

Protect high-value and compliance data against sophisticated ransomware attacks in Google Workspace with the comprehensive disaster recovery solution for SaaS applications.

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Watch a Cloud Ransomware Attack in Action

In this video, we demonstrate how a phishing scheme leads to a cloud ransomware attack on SaaS data.

From SMBs to Fortune 500s, Here’s Why Businesses Choose SpinOne

Frequently Asked Questions

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How a ransomware Infection in Google Workspace can destroy your business?

Ransomware attacks are now one of the most common forms of cybercrime in the cloud. SaaS applications generate an insane amount of SaaS data. Ransomware gangs are targeting SaaS data at rates never seen before with the rise of technologies and remote work due to the pandemics.

Why should I backup my Google data?

Google does not help you recover your personal data. See various Google product forum posts below.

  1. All emails from Feb 9th to Feb 12th are gone.
  2. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All my emails are gone from my gmail account.
  3. I lost all of my gmails from Feb. 13, 2012 – Feb. 21, 2012 . How do I recover these? I wasn’t online when it happened.
  4. I just accidentally deleted ALL of my mail by creating a filter to automatically delete a spam dating email.
  5. I accidentally deleted Drive folders
  6. I deleted my gmail account but then only i noticed picasa account also got deleted.. how to retrieve the album again??
  7. The above are just a few examples out of hundreds found on the Google Product forums from users who have lost their data and can neither retrieve them nor get help from Google. Although it’s too late for these users, it shouldn’t have to be for you.

Is SpinOne safe?

Yes. Our solution takes necessary measures to protect your data, including secure storage on AWS, GCP or Azure, as well as encrypting your data in use, at transit, and at rest.

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