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Microsoft 365 DLP

Protect your SaaS Data with Multilayered Automated Microsoft 365 Data Leak Prevention by SpinOne

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Advantages of Microsoft 365 DLP for Enterprise

Augment DLP features of Microsoft 365
with SpinOne advanced functionality


Shared Data Monitoring

Full visibility on Drive files that are shared outside or inside your organization


Sharing Settings Change

Revoke sharing permissions or take over the ownership of the files


PII Detection

Monitor and receive alerts for confidential data sent or received by your users


DLP Policies

Set data leak protection policies to monitor and control unauthorized sharing


Abnormal Events Control

Get alerts on abnormal data downloads or logins to respond to incidents immediately


Safe Employee Offboard

Take necessary action to secure offboarding and prevent data leak or theft events


Incidents Alerts

Receive notifications on data leak incidents and take timely actions


Activity Reports

Get a bird’s eye view on data leak incidents with weekly and monthly reports

Data Leak Protection in Microsoft 365

Data Leak Protection in Microsoft 365 with SpinDLP

Microsoft 365 has strong protection against malware attacks. Its major vulnerability is human error or malicious intent. Sharing files to unauthorized individuals, credentials theft, and data download by users are the key causes of data leaks in Microsoft 365.

SpinOne platforms provide the necessary functionality for quick search of improperly shared data. Furthermore, its tools enable you to stop sharing and change ownership of data.
In addition to that, you can use SpinOne to set more precise DLP policies further protecting your data.

How Microsoft 365 DLP by SpinOne works

See how you can easily control data leak risks in Microsoft 365 and tune DLP policies with SpinOne platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about SpinOne and Microsoft 365 DLP? Learn more from our FAQ section or
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What are the major data leak threats in Microsoft 365?

Cybersecurity define the following risks:

  1. Public access to corporate sensitive data.
  2. Sharing with users outside organization.
  3. Granting access to sensitive data to unauthorized users inside organization.
  4. Viewing and editing permissions given to third-party apps.

Are Microsoft 365 DLPs enough to prevent data leak incidents?

SpinOne offers extended functionality to augment and strengthen the DLP functionality that Microsoft 365 can offer.

Is SpinOne safe?

Yes. SpinOne uses data encryption at rest, in transit, and in use to secure your information. Additionaly we store your data on AWS, GCP or Azure upon your choice.

Streamlined Enterprise Security for SaaS Data

SaaS data security is our top priority. We’ve introduced several processes and regulations to protect your enterprise SaaS data and enhance compliance.

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