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Slack Backup and Recovery

Protect your Slack Data with Secure Backup & Accurate Recovery from SpinBackup

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Advantages of SpinBackup for Slack

SpinBackup for Slack helps organizations strengthen their Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and ensure data loss prevention with automated SaaS data backup and recovery.



Protect multiple SaaS applications from one dashboard for complete protection.


Powerful Automation

1x or 3x a day automated snapshot backup with fast and accurate recovery.


Secure Storage

Backup your SaaS data on secure cloud storage: AWS, GCP, Azure, or BYOS.


Compliance Friendly

Store data at 32 locations around the world to meet compliance and local regulations.


Flexible Retention Policy

Configure data retention policy from 6 months to indefinitely.


Robust Search

Utilize numerous search filters to easily identify and recover lost data.

Why SpinOne for Slack? 

  • Automated 1x/3x a day backup
  • Regional storage locations (AWS, GCP, Azure, or BYOS)
  • Effortless management of data
  • Prompt granular recovery
  • 99.9% accurate restoration
  • Complex reporting on incidents
  • Archived users
  • Flexible retention
  • 24/7 support by phone, email, or chat
  • Compliance: SOC 2, EU Privacy Shield, and GDPR

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Automated Backup & Disaster Recovery

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Get daily, automated 3x daily incremental snapshot backup of Slack data with a 99.9% SLA for backup and disaster recovery.
With SpinBackup, you also have unlimited, on-demand downloads of data and meta-data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve lost the whole Slack channel with our vendors. Can SpinBackup help restore it?

Yes. SpinBackup for Slack offers granular recovery options for individual messages or entire Slack channels. So you can recover your Slack communication channels in situations like complete loss, deletion, ransomware attacks, etc.
Keep in mind that SpinBackup can only recover messages and channels that it has previously backed up. Try SpinBackup for free.

Are new Slack users backed up automatically with SpinBackup?

Yes, SpinBackup for Slack is for all users per workspace.

Can SpinBackup for Slack retain data of deleted users?

Yes, SpinBackup can retain the archive data of deleted users. You can safely delete your Slack account and store all the data in our storage.

Can Slack users be excluded from being backed up?

SpinBackup for Slack is for all users per workspace. 

Who can access and use SpinBackup for Slack?

Only Administrators can access and use SpinBackup for Slack. 

Where are Spin.AI’s data centers located?

Spin.AI’s data centers are based in 32 locations worldwide — in the US, Australia, Asia, and Europe — to meet compliance and local regulations.

Can SpinBackup for Slack backup everyone’s private channels and direct messages?

Yes. SpinBackup can perform this through the Slack API.

Can SpinBackup for Slack back up all Slack subscription plans?

Yes. The Slack API that SpinBackup uses is the same across all Slack subscription plans.

Can SpinBackup for Slack handle multiple Slack Workspaces simultaneously?

Yes. SpinBackup can protect all your workspaces.

Can SpinBackup for Slack align with specific organizational data retention requirements?

Sure. SpinBackup for Slack offers a flexible retention policy, which you can configure according to your internal data retention policies and regulatory requirements. 

What options does SpinBackup provide for accessing and restoring backed-up Slack data in the event of a data loss or security incident?

Since SpinBackup performs incremental snapshot backups of Slack channels and messages, users can restore data based on these snapshots. This includes the ability to restore specific channels or messages, as well as restore channel messages to the original channel or a new channel.

Streamlined Enterprise Security for SaaS Data

SaaS data security is our top priority. We’ve introduced several processes and regulations to protect your enterprise SaaS data and enhance compliance.

Your SaaS security starts with SpinOne