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Cider chooses SpinOne to bridge SaaS security gaps


Cider is a software development company that was founded in 2015 and is based in San Francisco, California. Cider’s web developers, project managers, and consultants assist their clients by creating websites and mobile apps along with software and Salesforce integration. Cider not only provides full-project teams, but also individual resources to satisfy their diverse customer base.
They are also a part of Forbes Business Council. As a Google Workspace organization, they regularly use Google Drive to store and access critical business data.


Cider assists thousands of customers, and it was imperative for their founder Ilya Lipovich to find a solution that can provide an additional layer of security for all their Google Workspace data. Their organization utilizes a variety of third party applications in order to aid their everyday operations. They required a security solution that would monitor these applications and perform automated risk assessments to ensure their organizations data is safe and secure.

Since Cider developers and designers work with many customers outside of their organization, Cider also required a tool to monitor data sharing to prevent sharing of data outside of the company to 3rd-party users. With ransomware attacks being 73% successful in 2020, ransomware protection was also one of their top priorities to reduce downtime and recovery costs in case of Ransomware and prepare the company for a new wave of zero day attacks.


  • Application Risk Assessment and Access Management
  • 24/7 Ransomware Monitoring
  • Monitor SaaS Data Sharing

The Solution

With Cider’s needs in mind, Ilya Lipovich decided to browse the market for a security solution that would provide third party apps monitoring, ransomware protection, and shared items control. After reviewing multiple solutions in the Google Workspace Marketplace, he chose to sign up with Spin Technology.

The 24/7 automated ransomware protection was exactly what he was searching for and gives him a peace of mind that his organization is protected. The OAuth Application and Chrome Extension Risk Assessment provided him the tools to monitor applications that were installed within their organization, and have the ability to manage access to any risky applications.

Lastly, SpinOne’s Security Policies granted Ilya the ability to create data sharing management policies to revoke sharing to certain domains and/or users outside of his organization. Cider found a solution that met their company’s security and compliance requirements, while being able to monitor their domain for external data sharing and apps usage. Spin’s great reviews, pricing, and security benefits made Ilya’s decision easier knowing he was going to receive the best Google Workspace data security and management solution in the market.

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